Putting in Fescue sod after lawn covered in clover/weeds?

dirklucyJune 9, 2010

I'm in the process of planning to sod my lawn. I am in Marietta, Georgia which is slightly NW of Atlanta. The lawn is currently covered in 75% green clover and 15% weeds with maybe 10% grass. I would like to do fescue as my neighbor has the exact same shades as me and he has a great looking lawn.

My plan is to either get a sod cutter and pull up the existing clover/weeds or just till everything and rake out the old clover/weeds. The area is about 2500 square feet so this might take 3-4 days. Hopefully it's okay to leave the soil exposed as long as I water it before I lay the sod down.

Is there anything that I should be aware of when taking on this task? Is it possible to even turn the current lawn over, put down topsoil, and lay fescue over that?

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Im sure everyone hre will tell you the best thing to do is kill those weeds from the root - round up / weed b gon, get at them now til fall. In fall then do the sod the grass will have a better chance.

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Don't till the soil or turn it over, it will be lumpy and uneven when it settles and your sod will follow the contours. You can lay sod at any time, but it will do better when temps are lower, especially at night, and be less susceptable to disease. You will be watering daily with sod, and in the heat of summer this would also exacerbate fungal problems. Soil prep and condition is pretty important with sod because once the roots extend below the soil it comes with, it will need an environment that is suitable to support it. It would be a good idea to get a soil test now to see what is going on in your soil. If your soil needs corrections and amendments it will be better to do before the sod goes down. Personally I would kill everything with round up a few weeks before the sod goes down. When everything is dead, scalp it, core aerate, then power rake the yard. This will loosen up the soil, making it easier for the grass roots to take hold when they penetrate their original soil and water will be less apt to puddle in any low areas.

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Not only will it be lumpy -- there is a good chance that you will stimulate 10,000 years worth of viable weed seeds into sprouting.... and that between Fall and next spring -- you will grow a 3' tall wall of weeds, small trees, and every flavor of wild grasses that ever grew in the area...



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