Craftsman Rotary Lawnmower Leaking Fuel

Jax4lifeMay 4, 2013

Model no 917.378381
6.5 horsepower, Power-Propelled, 21" Rear Discharge

Fuel is leaking from the front right casing near/below the primer button. If you hit the primer or attempt to crank the mower, fuel streams out of the case.

Can someone help me identify the issue?

The mower sat in my garage stored for about 4 years now and it was working fine before storage. As a result of selling it at my garage sale today, I learned that it leaks when a buyer brought it back. Help. Please.

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The carb will need to be replaced or rebuilt. Fuel is bypassing the float valve.

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You had written about repair costs. That really depends on who is repairing and the condition of the carb. A whole carburetor, new fuel line, air filter, tank cleaning etc could set you back 150$ at a repair shop. DIY at about $60-70 . Individual parts that usually correct the issue closer to 20$.

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