Can this Lawn mower be repaired?

terrene(5b MA)May 12, 2011

I have an old Toro lawn mower. Brought it out today for the first time this year. It runs great and is very reliable, but the aluminum deck which used to have a crack, has now torn open while I was mowing today and has a huge gaping hole.

Can this be repaired? For a reasonable cost? I don't want to buy a new mower, but I don't want to dump a lot of money into this one either.

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This one is a lost cause. I don't think the DANGER decal will keep it from desinegrating any further... You could very well find a decent used mower and be better off ahead.

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I have one just like that without the holes, but the cast aluminum wheel bracket broke in two. I still have the bagger intact. Maybe...? I have repaired much smaller holes with common two-part metal-based epoxy. Mix and pour or mix and spread

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where in MA? I have a few of these stashed behind my shop. my zip is 02050.

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terrene(5b MA)

Thank you for your replies. To Andyman, I am in metro west area of Boston. Do you think that the deck of my lawn mower could be replaced at your shop?

I am wondering if it could be welded with a patch too.

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It can be repaired, but it will cost some money to get it done right. You will have a repaired mower deck with the rest of the components still old. If it were me I would take the money you would spend in welding the hole and buy a good new mower.

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I doubt that it would weld well, considering all the corrosion and weakness in the area. I'd make a metal plate and bolt it on. There will be electrolysis and more corrosion, but you can get a few years out of it.

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Hi! Fancy running into you on this forum! I've never even posted here before before today.
I have a loud fierce gas mower here for free if you want to try it. It cuts everything. Don't even remember the brand, but the price is right.
It is the conventional pull on the cord till it catches type. I found a used neuton which I can start all by myself, with no risk of a bursitis flare up.
If you've got shoulder problems you don't want the one I have.
Let me know,

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You can usually find free lawnmowers on Craigslist, and they usually need just a small fix - carb adjustment, new spark plug, air filter hasn't been replace in years, etc. I looked today ( and there's a free one on the curb at a house in Wellesley :>)

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Yeah I would donate the engine to your local small engine repair shop . I have been running a second hand 20" push mower for the last 4 yrs without a problem . Pro-rated all I have in it is less than $20.00 a yr . I laugh when I see people pull out hundreds of dollars for new push mowers when there are good quality used out there for next to nothing .
Do your neighborhood small engine (backyard) mechanic a favour and check out what he has , you might be surprised at what he has to offer !

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Terrene I'm a shade tree hacker. I just fix my own stuff. However a parts 'Zuki 2 stroke would be great. I completely screwed up the carb linkages on my 20684

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terrene(5b MA)

Hey Idabean, this thread was my first time posting (and maybe visiting) this forum too! That is a kind offer and I think I will check out your mower at the swap (if not sooner).

I would definitely go used - I bought this mower in 1987 and it has worked okay for a long time (with some periodic maintenance). I would like something maybe a little bigger, with more cushiony wheels and grip though. Is it safe to mow with this one in the meantime, as long as I stay on the grass where there are no rocks?

Andyma, you will need to interpret your post for me, lol. What is "shade tree hacker"? What's a "parts 'Zuki 2 stroke" - are you saying you could use this old mower for parts (which you would be welcome to when I find a newer one).

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lonewoof(z7 SC)

Just out of curiosity, Terrene: What kind of minefield are you mowing? That looks like you're been running over IED's.

(just kidding, of course)

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Yes, I will gladly take the mower when you are through with it. A shade tree hacker is a self taught amateur.

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Yep--just wait until the blade swings a dog bone out thru that hole, and thru the neighbor's windshieled, and you will then decide a new mower would of been much cheaper, in the long run!

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terrene(5b MA)

Lonewolf, no mine field, but I have tried to mow the little meadow a few times, and hit rocks and other lumpy stuff. I didn't realize it was happening at the time! For 2-3 years it had a crack, and it finally cracked open the other day when I was mowing the front lawn, with the setting down low, and went over a high spot in the lawn.

Rusty, no dog bones here, but there are a few rocks that I dig out of the gardens and throw in piles, plus there are a lot of sticks that fall from the trees.

Anyway, I appreciate the input on this thread, it's clear I need to get a new (used) mower.

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terrene: As I said previously I picked up a used White Outdoors 20" pushmower from a buddy of mine who has a repair shop for $60.00 4 yrs ago . I was fortunate that it had the venerable B&S Quantum 5 HP XLR Engine . Look around there are numerous good used mower deals out there if you know what your looking at and for :) .

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wrager(Z5 OH)

Get out the "duck" tape.

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terrene(5b MA)

I know this is an old thread, but I thought people might be interested in what happened with this mower. Life's is busy and I hate dealing with stuff like getting a new mower, so I've been using this one with the hole, but stayed on the grass and was very leery of mowing any place else because of rocks or whatever. It seemed to be working okay, but the cracks and hole were slowly getting bigger.

A friend recommended a welder who does aluminum, but I figured it's too expensive to pay someone to fix this old machine. Then somebody else suggested I take it to one of the local vocational schools - they all have welding departments, and there might be something they could do.

I did exactly that - took it to the local technical HS and since welding aluminum is difficult the teacher ended up welding it. Cost me 2 boxes of Dunkin Donuts and a $50 donation to the department (that I insisted on donating)!

Teacher said it may crack again but I'll get another few years out of it.

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I Used strips of aluminum, cut from an old pot, 1/4" bolts, 3/16 aluminum rivets and JB Weld to fix an aluminum deck that was cracked to the engine shaft hole. It wasn't as pretty as that weld , but it was doing the job. I love the way my Toro 3 speed does its chores. They were a better product build quality wise than the newer Doing stuff like this makes me a hacker.

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I am happy for you. It looks good, and free Dunkin donuts are sweeter that the paid for ones. But, the HS shop just became the manufacturer of that once was a Toro mower.

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Nice weld, I don't think it will crack again.
I remember when I could gas weld aluminum and stainless steel.

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Hey, great save. I would paint it. :)

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