Fabric ghosts

mad_about_mickey(**7* *N.C.)September 23, 2008

I've posted this question on different forums, but here goes.... Does anyone know what I mean by the 'circle of ghosts' halloween decoration? this is what appears to be about 4 -5 ghosts holding hands in a circle aka ring-around-the-rosy style. I looked for the pattern at Joanns fabric and they were out again...I can't figure out how to make them stiff and look "ghostly" at the same time.....

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Here are a few sites that I found. The one has you using fabric stiffener. I don't know how that would work outside???
I have wanted to make me a set too. But, so far it hasn't happened. Maybe this year.
Please share with us what you come up with.


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When I made them years ago, I took old white sheets, cut them in large large squares. I took a plastic bag from the grocery store and stuffed it full of other plastic bags. Tied the handles when I had it the size I wanted. Put the plastic bag in the middle of the sheet square, tied a string around the "neck" . My husband pounded old broom handles into the ground, and we set the ghosts on these. Took a corner of one ghost and tied a knot with the corner of another one, and so on around the circle. Hope this helps.. Just let them dry out before you store them for the following year and all will be well.. They dont' need any stiffening.

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Sunnydae's explaination is how I remember them being made...never saw a "stiff" one...these move in the breeze like "real?" ghosts dancing in a circle...


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I made cutest little ghost about 12 high. Draped piece of old sheet over 3 lb coffee can with ball on top to shape head & soup can off to side in front to make a little shelf area to hold little pumpkin. Very easy to make, just paint on eyes & gets so stiff. That's the problem! You wouldn't have room to store whole circle of ghosts. I used wig heads to make people on sticks in my yard for our Halloween parties. Can even use newspaper stuffed plastic bag for heads cover with sheets like the gals said, that way easy to disassemble. Show us a pic when you get them done!! Jan

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How Sunnydae descibed it is how I made mine. I use dowel sticks or thick branches from the tree to use to stand them up.

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here is my try at it... not a circle just holding hands..

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treasureforu(NC 7)

I love your ghosts missy. So how did you make them?

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kudzukween(8 MS)

What a great idea, I've never seen this done before, but that looks awesome with them holding hands. Ack, I just passed up white queen sized sheets at a yard sale for a quarter each. Maybe I could do it like this with white garbage bags!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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tresureforu, mine were simple some stakes, grocery bags, masking tape, white matrial, hamer & elbow grease....
First I hamered the stakes into the ground... I knew the material wasn't very big... so I measured for corner to corner of my material pieces and then hamered the next stakes... I then balled up some grocery bags to the size head I want... taped them to the tops of the stakes...

then I added scrap material over the head and taped it around the neck...

I then draped the main material over the top and tied the corners together...

and there you go... my version of holding hand ghosts... I had fun with them...

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halley_rose(z4 Wi)

Could you please tell me the size of the large, lage squares you cut from the white fabric to make your ghosts.

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TwoMonths(So Calif)

I saw a flash pic of one where they were talking about Martha Stewart magazine. It appeared they were dowels in a circle leaning out. I would take a plastic bag filled with other plastic bags and put over the top of each. Take a square piece of material and fold corner to corner so there would be corners for front, back and each arm. You can knot arms together to show as hands or just sew or even staple the hand corners together. This would give them a good area to float on the breeze.

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Those are cute. The ones I have made before that had stiffening were made out of cheese cloth. You blow up a baloon then drape a large square of cheese cloth over them with the center being at the top of the baloon. Then you stiffen the fabric that is on the baloon except for the bottom few inches. After it is completely dry, break the baloon and remove it. With thread or string or fishing line, tie it at the very top and let it swing in the wind. It does look spooky because you can see thru it, but it has form.

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If you wait until Halloween late afternoon to make them, you can break a Glow-Stick put it into a balloon as the head, hang them from tree branches. They GLOW AND BLOW!!!! A neighbor down the street also put white touling (netting) to layer over the white sheets. More movement when the wind is blowing.


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