where else can you have this much fun for 50 cents

garden2garden(z8 FL)September 11, 2013

Went to the flea market this spring and managed to get through it without finding something I couldn't live without, until the last booth. There was a box of old toys next to the isle and the creature with all the arms caught my eye. As I went to pick it up, a nice young man came over and said the stuff in the box is 4 for 1$. Well, I was sold right there. Had fun digging through the box and came up with the lady, too. (might not be a lady I'm not sure, kind of reminds me of Ming now that I think about it, anyone remember Flash Gordon). Anyway, I gave him 2 quarters and, he, being a polite young man said, "Well there you go, give those grandkids something to play with when they come over." I had to laugh out loud, "No, these are for me", and dh, who's been waiting (mostly patiently, I only caught a hint of an eye roll) says matter-of-factly, "And I know where they're going-out in the garden..."
And he was right.

This guy opens up in the middle and has a chair for the 'operator' to sit in. I hung my little wire teapot on his hand, I want him to serve tea to my gardenjunk gals whenever I get them done.

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

I set her on an upsidedown clay pot. The dragonflies like to sit on her hand and check her out.

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Wow! He's quite a sight, frog legs with horse hoofs, pincher arms & a 2nd set of bony fingers, only 4 . Silver is good color as he looks like space alien, He looks quite comfortable there!! Love the dragonfly on her hand in 2nd pic. You definitely got your money's worth!! TFS Jan

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)


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You really scored. Like your lady the best

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Isn't that marvelous? I love flea markets and yard sales for that very reason. You can spend next to nothing and get treasure. You never know what you will find.ENJOY your treasure! Jlily

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Marlene Kindred

The first one would scare the pooh out of me if I came up on it in my garden since I have encountered some big honkin' bugs and critters in there in recent years....and I'm a sissy when it comes to monsters! Like the lady on the clay pot though....

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