Campbell's Homecoming

nmgirl(8 S.NM)September 2, 2011

Hello all!

First let me apologize for posting these photos on this side of the Garden Junk Forum. I know they should go over on the Discussion side but every time I try to log in over there I get told there's no such forum.

Ain't technology great?

For those of you who don't know who Campbell is, he was our Junk Train 2011 mascot. He made a lot of friends on his journey around the U.S. this year. Sorry it's taken me over a week to get things posted, I hope you enjoy the photos.

On with the show!

I arrived home from work one afternoon a week or so ago to find JT making a scene by the front door:

I asked her about the hat, she said she found it. She then ran off and came back with reinforcements:

Realizing the hat wasn't tall enough they dragged over a small chair.

Then things got interesting.

They finally managed to get one of their number "up high enough" but then realized that Ducky has no hands.

So they got JT "up high enough".

Well, this was getting annoying so I asked them "up high enough" for what? They all hollered at me "TO OPEN THE DOOR!" I said all they has to do was ask and I opened the door to find...

A very noisy rocking box! Campbell had come home!!! Immediately the small circus troop rushed out, started talking all at once and climbing all it.

"We" brought the box inside and I went off to find something to cut the tape. When I came back I found this:

Rocky was heading for the outlet and Piggy realized they'd been caught. Obviously I took the reciprocating saw away, JT was very upset.(To whoever introduced her to power tools when she was traveling with the Junk Train: Thanks a lot!) I asked them to wait, I had to find some scissors.

JT didn't listen as usual. We eventually did get the box open.

And then Campbell disappeared!

We found him on the ceiling fan. He was so glad to get out of the box he jumped straight up and landed there!

He did eventually come back down. Rocky had prepared a little welcome home speech.

And then Campbell shared some highlights of his travels.

JT ran off to get her hat. Ducky brought out the "wheels" they'd curb-shopped earlier this summer. Ducky's the only one allowed to drive, we don't trust JT behind the wheel and Piggy's can only ride in the back. We let him drive once, turns out he's a real road hog.

Campbell said there's something in the box with my name on it. They all jumped in to find it.

It was a beautiful Thank You card with a nice surprise tucked in!

Thanks for the gift, it's greatly appreciated!

There you have it, Campbell's homecoming. The rest of the day and on into the wee hours was taken up with much silliness, noise and popcorn.

But things are starting to settle down around here. Campbell is wanting to take driving lessons, we have a little tractor we might let him start on.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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I have followed the adventures of Campbell all around the world it seems, and have thoroughly enjoyed all the stops along the way!

Since I haven't posted here in a coons age, hope no one minds my being the first to acknowledge Campbell and the journey!


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So glad he is home at last.
So many people worried about him.
Was he hungry?
Young kids like he usually spring back quickly after a good meal and a rest.

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Rocky, Piggy, JT & Ducky sure know how to throw a 'Welcome Home' party! TFsharing the story & pics! But if I were you, nmgirl, I would hide EVERYTHING in sight that has 'wheels' around your place! (Like swirly chairs, bicycles, wagons, wheelbarrows, skateboards, etc.) Thanks for all your hard work, nm! Jeanne S.

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Enjoyed the homecoming story--BUT--
Where was TJ, the evil twin, during all of this?????
Couldn't help but wonder.....

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Anthropomorphism and personification is something we discuss at group therapy quite a lot. There are therapists and people in authority that scribble in little black notebooks when I tell stories like this about the critters in my yard.
I was going to warn you about them but you inspired me to start a new thread about my Rock People.

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I couldn't log back in over on other side either! Glad you got the bunch settled down & had a great homecoming & surprise for you. You put in a lot of work making the Junk Train happen & fun for all of us to follow along!Jan

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It's so nice to meet people who, like me, let the inner kid out to this forum!!! Hugs!

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

Glad to hear from you Spudmom.

Ahhhhhh J.T. what a rascal! All his little friends our easily led astray by

I bet Campbell is exhausted, he certainly did a ton of traveling.

What fun the Junk Train is. Thanks so much nmgirl for taking the adventure on. We all really enjoyed it.

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Marlene Kindred

Well, Campbell looks very happy to be home! Glad he had a welcoming party to greet him!

Thanks again Sylvia for being our conductor this was a blast once again!

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Your narrative of Campbell's return, and the photos of JT with her friends had me in tears laughing. He has been a hoot on his trip and I'm so glad I got to 'meet' him (and get a load of goodies from the Junk Train).
I am WAY behind in updating his album, but I do have all the photos saved and will get them in there sooner or later. His adventures came close to rivaling JT's, I wasn't sure he could do that but he's a determined little orange frog.

Thank you for a GREAT ride on the junk train.
hugs, Karen

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I took Campbell to church so if he is misbehaving it's not my fault! lol

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