Another treasure

luvidaho_2010(5/6)September 22, 2011

DH brought this home from the dump the other day. It has a couple cracks and a few chips along the rim but otherwise is in one piece. He promised to make a frame to suspend it for me. Just in time for Halloween!

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He should get the "GOOD HUSBAND OF THE YEAR" award!!!!

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LOL, he is definitely working on it! He has brought home quite a few things for me this summer. It's great to have him on the look out for "homeless" items.

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That's calling the Kettle black! He's a keeper alright & that will make will heck of witches' stew pot! TFS! Jeanne S. ...nice would have been buried in the dump!

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You need a tripod to set it on, wood or metal & then some dry ice to give off that nice steam effect for Halloween! We had something like that at 1 of our Halloween parties & I served Hodge Podge (hamburger soup) in cleaned soup cans(be sure they are smooth so can't get cut) with the cut -off tops of men's socks around them to keep from burning your hands. Everybody enjoyed that & thought the steam was from the soup, but it was really from the dry ice!! My dad supplied us with 20 items for guests to guess. Jawbone of an animal,mica,forgotten rest of items, wrote them down somewhere as they were very unusual, nobody got very many right but had fun trying to figure them out. Those round wheel things could have wires going through them to make large lighted jack-o-lanterns!! Add couple of real pumpkins & some corn stalks & you would be all set!Oh, a boot sticking out of mound of dirt too! Have fun! Jan

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Fantastic cauldron!
I'll vote for your dh to get some kind of award too!

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Marlene Kindred

VERY cool! DH wins the "great job" award this week for sure!

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Your dump has such better stuff than my dump!!! Great finds.

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DH has really out done himself this summer! He seems to enjoy helping me figure out where to place the things he brings home.

Jan, sounds like you had a great party! Thanks for the suggestions.

We live in a fairly rural area of Idaho so the "no salvage" rule at the dump is not strictly enforced. The old farmers and ranchers in the area take great stuff to the dump. Almost everything in my front yard garden is recycled.

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NO picture there,just the dreaded red X.

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