Cool Chandelier

kirkus(5a)September 2, 2010

Saw this Mason Jar Chandelier on the web. Isn't it cool? Went to the Etsy site...this seller does lots of cool things with Mason Jars. Bear Hugs! Kirk

Here is a link that might be useful: Mason Jar Chandelier

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amigirl(Fl 9)

There are Mason jar chandies in the Pottery Barn catalogs as well.


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I LOVE this! I have the canning rack, now all I need are the jars, and solar lights. Thanks, Kirkus!

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Lots of great ideas !

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bverste(zone 5)

That is such a cool idea, i have the jars, but not the holder, so will have to look for one

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That seller does some cool things...these blue jars are some of my fav things ... I like the idea of just sitting one (with a solar light) on the patio! (add that to my growing list!) I think I would fill it partly with sand for weight on windy days (& maybe add some small seashells). The chandi is wonderful with the old jars & canning rack. Also using the frog lids for flowers. TFS, Kirk! Jeanne S.

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I just found 3 of the blue Mason jars at a rummage sale this weekend. I will have to keep an eye out for more. Thanks for sharing, Kirk!

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I have passed up the racks before, because I
couldn't think of anything to do with them.
Now in the past couple of days I have seen 2 things.
Guess I will have to buy the next one I see.

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Marlene Kindred

Very always amazes me when people come up with what they think are new ideas and manage to sell them as "vintage" stuff....I guess it's because we've always been the "recycle" kind of people...we just didn't realize we were being chic at the time!

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Too bad I didn't find this site before we had my parents auction!!! We got rid of 65 years of collecting.....everytime I see these cool ideas I GROAN! Would have had enough to make several of those cool mason chadeliers!!! and so many other things. Any ideas on what to do with old wooden thread spools? I think there is still a box of those sitting around.

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I was pleased to run across this posting on your forum. I am the person who designed the Mason Jar Solar light Chandelier.

I have gardened most of my life, so I have spent many years working with Mason Jars. The start of my larger collection of the older blue Mason Jars was about 17 years ago, when cleaning out an older neighbors basement. He was at least 100 years old. The mason jars in his basement were still full of food that his mother had canned, and she passed away in the 1960's. It was a yucky job to empty all of those jars, but I couldn't stand to see them go in the junk wagon. I've used them for many uses since, but some of them weren't good enough for canning, since some wouldn't seal anymore. Yet, I stored them all of these years. My journey in selling online began when I decided I needed to share them with someone else.

I've recycled all of my life, first because my mom always taught me that we shouldn't be wasteful, and secondly because recycling has always been the right thing to do, even before it was a popular thing to do.

In response to the comment "it always amazes me when people come up with what they think are new ideas and manage to sell them as "vintage" stuff".....
I title my items as "vintage", since that is what the Etsy site suggests you title it, if it is over 20 years old. The listings I have for Mason Jars may not seem new to some of us, as we have had canning jars around for years. But, there are many who don't have a shelf full of them. I like to come up with different ways to use them, and continue on doing the same thing I have always done...reusing something instead of it going to waste. It's a thrill to take something I salvaged, that was unwanted, and to send it across the country to be in someone's wedding!!!

My Flower frog lids for Mason jars may seem like an old concept, but once you have arranged flowers in them, you wouldn't believe how EASY it it. That's why I started to sell them, because I was sold on them myself! There are many people out there, including people who have gardened for years, that haven't seen the flower frog lids.

The comment about weighting the jars down, on windy days. Good idea! Although, I have to tell you that I live in Iowa, and we have had every sort of wind storm and rain storm this last summer, and my jars haven't budged from my garden patio table. But, they are pretty if you want to fill them with collected rocks, shells, or other collections. I have cats, and they haven't even knocked them over...if they can withstand the cats, I figure they will last in most places.

Thanks for the nice comments and for letting me leave a post about my Mason Jar Chandelier and Solar lights.

Here is a link that might be useful: TreasureAgain

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Treasureagain, I am soooo glad you posted!!! My wife and I absolutely LOVE your creations!!! That's neat you were featured on the site I posted! Keep creating!!! Like I said before, you have lots of cool things on your Etsy site! You are a talented artist! Bear Hugs! Kirk

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sorie6(6b ok.)

Very cool I've got several of the old jars with lids that have the glass( I guess) in the lead lids. I use them for storing buttons in my sewing room. Also some old wooden spools of thread. tfs.

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WOW, How cool.

Kirk, I have also been checking out Etsy and love a lot of the things there.

TreasureAgain,It is so nice to know someone loves and appreciates the true things of the past. I have very fond memories of my mother and dad canning things in the past. I look at your chandeliers and see them in the kitchen. Thank you. :) I may have to do one of those for my home.

I have quite a few things packed up and treasures to find, not really sure what I will find. And also have been using some of them to remake memories for others.

Dang now I don't want to get rid of any of the junk I have stored. Oh well, I see my porch filling up with more garden art. I see my own mason jar solar light hanging. What can I do with the jar grabber tong?

Thanks for all the memories. Have A Great Nite!

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Thanks for posting, treasureagain! It is wonderful to hear the stories behind people's creations. Hearing what you went through to save those canning jars makes me appreciate them all the more! Your Mason jar frog lids are ingenious! You have some awesome things at your Etsy site.

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Hello again,
THANK YOU once again for the nice comments on my Mason Jar Flower frog lids and Mason Jar Solar lights! I appreciate it very much!
It's so amazing to work with salvaged pieces and using them in a different way. Often collecting junk can be the easy part, but thinking of a way to use them can be the hard part.Etsy can be an inspiring place to look since there are many creative re-purposed or upcycled things created and listed there.
So many ideas come from visiting other gardens. I have photos posted on Flickr of my garden, that I would love to share. The link is below.
Wish I could show you in person,but since I can't, you might be interested in taking a peek through my photos.

Lastly, my starting to sell on Etsy was really started because I needed to find a way to pay my dental bill. I looked around for something to sell, and ended up doing what I know....working with flowers, canning jars, and "junk" (although I prefer to call them "TREASURES").
Thanks again!

Here is a link that might be useful: TreasureAgain Garden View

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Welcome, treasureagain! Your gardens are gorgeous & thanks for sharing the history of your Mason jar art. I enjoyed your slide show in Flicker...from one Iowan to another, welcome to the forum! There's some great ideas on here & we always appreciate new ones! Jeanne S.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I loved looking at your mason jar crafts and your beautiful garden. Good luck paying off that dental bill - hopefully you're beyond it now and on to profits!
Its funny, I didnt' read that you are in Iowa, but that was my thought when I saw all that nice flat rich looking land.

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Love the mason jar chandelier! I have the rack & plenty of jars, but what type of solar lites does it use? I don't think I have seen any small enough to fit in the jars. Does anyone know where to get them? I can just "see" that chandelier on the garden sitting area I'm making next to my potting shed!

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Hi! I own a company called Reclaimed Lighting ( My first products were my mason jar chandelier and pendants for inside the home. I just finishing photographing my new lights including: an antique victrola horn dining chandelier, an antique heater desk lamp, an antique gum ball machine floor lamp, and many others. I would love to meet new friends and answer any questions!!! We were just featured in Atlanta Magazine, DO It Yourself, Cottages and Bungalows, and Better Homes and Gardens. It's so wonderful to read about all the love for recycled products!




Jenn Ryan

Here is a link that might be useful: Reclaimed Lighting

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