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ajc44bJune 3, 2011

I aerated and seeded my lawn and I am seeing grass come up! There are thick patches where the seed fell into the holes from the aeration and there are individual stems of grass coming up sparsely throughout the lawn. It has been about 2-3 weeks or so. Some of the grass in the holes is 3-4 inches but some of the sparsely growing grass is pretty small and fragile looking. I used a mix of seed includng fescue, rye and kentucky blue grass. So of the pre-existing grass (which was hardly any) is very long (about 8 inches or so) with seeds growing on the top. It looks pretty ridiculous and I wanted to know when I could mow my yard without doing damage. Should I remove the bag from the mower allowing the grass to fall back on the lawn and maybe help fertilize the new seed and grass? Most of the longer grass in on the boarder of my yard, should I just mow this for now and stay away from the new grass? thanks!

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The problem with moving new grass is that the blade may pull the whole thing out of the ground. If you must do it, make sure you sharpen the blades.


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1. Make sure your mower blade is razor sharp and balanced. This is critical. If you mow new seedlings the first time with a dull blade, you are likely going to pull most of the seedlings out of the ground. If you don't know how to sharpen a mower blade yourself, have a lawn mower repair shop do it for you. Believe me, it is worth the time and expense.

2. Raise the deck on your mower to the highest setting possible.

3. Collect your clippings.

What you would want to do is to turn off the water on the day you are going to mow. Wait until the afternoon and then mow when the lawn has had a chance to dry out a little bit. You may even need to mow a second time, in a different direction, to get all the grass cut evenly and collect all the clippings. After you are finished mowing, you will want to water your lawn.

With your existing grass that high, you will be emptying your bag alot. Don't allow the bag to get so full that the clippings are not being collected and are clogging up under the deck. Empty the bag often. If you make a second cut, it wont be nearly as time consuming.

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