Gypsy Wagon from steel garden cart?

topsiebeezelbub(z7 Al)September 9, 2012

Hey creative people, I just had a brainstorm...I saw some gorgeous gypsy wagons made for chickens to live in on a British website...About 6K!! I have one of those steel mesh carts that I never use, and thought AHA! A chicken gypsy wagon! Does it sound do-able? My carpentry skills are minimal. My neighborhood doesn't allow chickens (shhhhh) so I thought if it looked like a child's play house no one would be the wiser. I only want 2 chickens as pets. Any ideas?

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I would love to see your inspiration because it sounds intriguing! Grew up on a farm'll need to let the chickens out of the wagon at some point. With a fence around it. Unless you did a high privacy fence...I take it you live in town or a development that has guidelines. May wish to find out the pentalty fee if caught. Just so your aware of what your undertaking...

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rosiew(8 GA)

I'd love to so both your inspiration pic and one of your steel mesh cart.

Chickens definitely need room to roam a bit and then the security of a varmint proof habitat at night - plus a roof to keep that dry.

Keep us up to date on how you do, k?

Rosie, Sugar Hill, GA

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