help: Scott's deluxe spreader with edge guard

PoorOwner(Northern CA)June 30, 2008

I bought the scott's deluxe spreader with edge guard, not terribly impressed, for the most part I see the fertilizer flings out and seems like alot hit the left wheel (edge guard is on the right side and it is turned off). I guess maybe some came out the front like it should; but why is it hitting the off the inside of wheel creating a concentrated line, IMO

Do I have a defective item or maybe just walking speed is too slow?

Thanks in advance

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Call Scott's they should have a number on the card that came with the spreader. The number is also on the website.

I called them recently with a pre sales question on a drop spreader and they were very helpful and there wasn't a long hold time.

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PoorOwner(Northern CA)

Thanks, I ended up returning and got a drop spreader instead. My lawn is small so a drop spreader is easier to deal with, instead of spacing 5' apart and hope to get even coverage with broadcast spreader it sprayed a bit of material on the concrete anyway..

As for the broadcast spreader I would say don't buy it.. It seems to me poorly designed and look more like a fisher price toy.

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I wound up ordering a drop spreader for the same reason. I haven't received it yet but I went with the scotts accugreen 1000. I wanted to get the 2000 because they seem to be better made and require less maintenance than the 1000 but the only good prices I could find on them required purchasing 3 :(

Which drop spreader did you get?

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PoorOwner(Northern CA)

hey, I got the "lawn crafter" from Sears for $33.

The manual says order repair parts are Agri-Fab, I know Agri-fab stuff are fairly good... so this is a lower or rebadged line of their units. It also says to wash throughly after each use, it's good to know it can handle washing.

Don't get me wrong the wheels are still hard plastic and cheap, for this price it's ok. It includes a chart for settings with common brands fertilizers, but I am using it for organic material so I am on my own anyway.

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Hmm... That looks nicer than the one I got. We'll see how it goes when I start using it. Wish I saw that one earlier.

I'm going to be starting an organic program this year too. One of those that ship you the stuff. Otherwise I'm not sure I'm the type that could keep it up.

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PoorOwner(Northern CA)

I don't think it's a big deal.. I would think all drop spreader work pretty much the same.. unlike broadcasters have a lot different physics going on.

Do you mean there is an organic lawn program where they ship you the stuff by mail?
do you minding sharing where is this from?
Or click on my username and e-mail me directly. Thanks!!

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When I called scott's they indicated the accugreen 1000 was an older model compared to the 2000 and 3000. I called because the labels on the 2000 and 3000 indicated that it doesn't need lubrication while the 1000 does. The 1000 also requires assembly and calibration while the two others come assembled and calibrated. The assembly and calibration isn't a big deal but I would have preferred not needing to oil anything.

This is the link to the company that ships organic lawn care products ( I haven't started it yet but it looks promising. The big problem for me is doing the treatments on time so I'm hoping having them mailed to me would be a good reminder. Also why I was hoping to get a maintenance free spreader and why this was the first time in years I sharpened my mower blade.

It's usually not until late spring/early summer that I look at the lawn and think I wished it looked nicer so I miss the most important lawn feedings. The idea of going organic sounds good too because I think that building healthy soil instead of conditioning the lawn to expect to be fed would help if I can't pay attention to the lawn every day. MY uncle uses one of those services that spray the lawn a few times a year and has a great looking lawn. But every few years he winds up switching to a different company because he gets brown spots and hopes the other company will do better. I'm hoping this program works well and I can convince him to start using it too. That way there's another person in the area to help remind me :)

I've been emailing the company and sent them some pictures and they were very helpful identifying some of my problems and weeds so I feel optimistic. I'm hoping that starting net year I'll start getting closer to the lawn I'd like. Outside of the program I also have to get the pH of the soil inline as well as aerate and overseed the lawn. There are a couple of trouble spots that seem very compacted and have moss growing. All I did last year was kick off the moss and use a hand cultivator to break up the soil a bit. It took care of most of it but there is still some moss.

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PoorOwner(Northern CA)

I went to that website and I see dollar signs everywhere, even to ask a question cost $10?

Not to put you off the potential purchase of such a "automatic" program, you might want to go over to the organic lawn forum and ask for some opinions.

I am starting out with Scott's organic lawn food and from the movement i see Scott might be coming out with organic weed prevention like corn glutten meal as they are trying to move into the market. I understand if living in a urban area hard to find these animal feed stuff to put on the lawn, I have the same problem..

if you have problem tracking when to apply stuff you can setup reminders on your computer or cell phone calendar program.

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I've tried reminders and stuff but for some reason I never get around to going out and purchasing the stuff. I signed up for Scott's newsletter so that I could start it's program this year. Didn't happen. My lawn never seems to have enough priority at those times. So if I just have the stuff here I should be able to keep up.

I've been reading up on organic lawn care since last year. Off and on. I just need some help getting a good schedule going and having access to all the stuff I'll need.

The emails I received from them were very encouraging but I understand your concerns from just looking at the site. The cost is about half of what I would pay around here for a lawn care company to apply treatments. I didn't find a company that provided the same service.

I'm going to be keeping track of my lawn's progress with photos and information on what I'm doing to it, including this program. When I start putting that information up if you want I can send you a link.

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PoorOwner(Northern CA)

Hi, good luck with the program if you do try it out, I am sure it will work fine.

Back on topic I took out my lawn crafter spreader and I am very happy with it, simple contruction with a gate that open the slits to control the flow. And the handles fold flush with the hopper to save space when done. I am looking forward to a uniform application soon. Havn't used a scott's drop spreader so I don't know how it compares.

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