LawnBoy Oil Leak

jb456May 24, 2013

Hi Guys,

I have a Lawnboy Model 10671, that is a few years old.

Motor started to leak oil from the top of motor. I took the engine apart and changed the top oil seal.

Assembled everything again, mower ran great but oil still leaking from top.

Pulled everything apart again. NO OIL on the oil seal I just changed. It was completely dry around the oil seal that I changed but there was still oil on the top of engine running down the sides.

There was oil around the big black piece of rubber which I think is called the breather?

But I did not really see lots of oil around that big black seal.

On the thin pipe that is connected to the black rubber right underneath that on the engine itself there is like indents in the motor metal on left side and right side.

The indent right under that thin pipe was filled with oil, the one right side of motor was dry.

All things point to near that black rubber and thin pipe leading to primer bulb.

My question is where are all the places that oil can leak from the top of a mower?

How can a breather leak oil?

What do you think it is?

How do I fix it?

Thank you

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Yes. These were known to leak and or turn into little oil pumps after being tipped. If tipping isn't the cause, buy a new breather kit and both dipstick tube seals and and once installed- the oil leak should be no more.

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If it was tipped. How do I go about getting the oil out of the breather?

Is there any other areas at the top of motor that can cause leaks?

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