Fuel inlet fitting question for old Craftsman rear tine tiller

mustangmMay 17, 2014

Hello, I am resurrecting an old Craftsman tiller, model 917.299230. The engine number is 143.754012.

There is a 90 degree fuel inlet fitting, part #631775, that was cracked and badly leaking fuel.

I ordered a replacement from the local mower shop and received a Tecumseh replacement part 632527.

The fitting easily pulled away from the carburetor, almost too easy.

My first thought when looking at the replacement fitting was that I received the wrong part. The replacement fitting has a metal part to it, while the fitting that I pulled off was all plastic. Also there was no way that new fitting is going to push onto the nipple sticking out from the carb.

However, the more I look at it the more I am thinking that that metal nipple sticking out the side of the carb may actually be the metal part on the replacement fitting, and that the old fitting has separated the metal part from the plastic part. Is it possible that I have the correct part, but that I need to pull the metal nipple out from the side of the carb, and then push the new fitting into the carb? I am reluctant to attempt to pull that out from the carb without confirmation and advice from the pros that it is possible.

Has anyone ever had to deal with this situation before?

Your assistance is much appreciated. Thank You!

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The engine is a -
Tecumseh H35-45581R

The carb # is 631921
I have no experience with these, but I'd expect the fitting to be threaded. Better wait for someone else on that for confirmation though.
Maybe JB Weld?

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Yes, the fitting is pressed in there. You basically tap the center to a 1/4" thread, place a 1/2"? nut over the fitting which will allow the fitting to pull through. Thread in a bolt w/ nut and flat washer and tighten the nut to draw the fitting out through the socket.

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How do you put the new part back in? Mallet? without breaking the nylon fitting? When I did this, only one time, I pulled the nylon off the new part and put it onto the existing metal port.

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You "press" it in as an assembly. Put it in the correct position as you have one shot. Though I've turned the plastic part and not had a leak. If you can keep it square, you could get by with a c clamp. A touch of lube won't hurt.

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Look at a threaded elbow nipple.
Briggs & Stratton 67218, 691609 or a Noma 43965.

They have a 1/4" hose barb outlet on one end and have 1/8" threads on the other.

Drill and tap the barb with the original brass fitting in place and thread the new on in.

Drill slow and put grease on both the drill bit and the tap to catch metal shavings.

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*** Update ***
I was able to thread a 1/4" 20 tap and pulled out the fuel fitting as instructed. One follow up question. The service guide that I found on the web says to coat the fitting with "Loctite grade A" before pushing it back into the carb. I went to HD and there are 12 different Locktite products, none of which said Grade A.

Any advice? I do have a blue Locktite liquid nut bolt locker in my toolbox. It says it is for wood and metal. I have used it on bolts in the past. Is this something I could use?

Thanks so much for advising me!

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I would think it would be fine. Anything or nothing really. Unless there was a mar, it shouldn't leak. I've used a drop of oil. There are special locktites that you use for bearings, some with gap filling capability even. Maybe that is type A?This gets through to the inside, you will be installing a new float valve set.

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We'll I used the blue Loctite and pressed it in with my vice. It worked out well, no more fuel leaking. One note to anyone else that tries this. After tapping and pulling the old fuel fitting, you need to clean out the metal shaving that get imbedded in the carb. I removed the needle and seat and cleared it with air and then carb cleaner.

Thanks to all for the advice.

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