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annedickinsonSeptember 2, 2012

I've spent a good part of today looking through old posts here and finally got up the courage to do something about an ugly plant area. I already had lots of stuff I'd bought at yard sales, etc, but they were scattered around in the weeds and grass.

But first we had to go to the market. On the way back we stopped at a yard sale and there was the perfect "tower" to add to the garden for $1.

Here's the over-all garden after tweeking it:

Here's the right side with the cement castor leaf I made:

This is the tower I bought with the sundial I already had:

Thanks for all your posts. I now can sit in the front yard (when I'm not in the back yard at the pond) and enjoy the view.


PS Hi Diggery and Calamity J

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Looks great. Cute tower & works so well with the sundial! Love that rusty watering can! The caster leaf came out well even the birdhouse on the ground looks adorable. Is that a hummer feeder there? Enjoy!! Oh, how about a pond pic!!Jan

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So cute!!!

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Well you found the perfect 'tower' for your sundail! Looks great! Looks like your ugly plant area is ugly no more!!! (of course, I didn't see it 'ugly' ...looks good now!) Cement castor leaf is very cool! TFS! Jeanne S.

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I've included the link for the pond below. The pictures were taken in June so things look different now. The Morning Glory tower is full of blossoms every day and the skippy filter is full of frog bit.

Yes that is a hummingbird feeder. I have since added another one. The one you see is often overwhelmed by bees but the one I just added is made from a test tube and the bees can't get to the sugar water, so I am hoping the hummers will find it and use it.

Thanks for the compliments. I look forward to the plants filling in a bit so it doesn't look so "raw".

Here is a link that might be useful: Pashta's Pond

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Marlene Kindred

Looks like lots of cool "junque" to me! Love the castor leaf and the new sundial tower, the birdhouse, etc. But, what I really want to know is what is the tall thing behind that has the white looking orb in it?? THAT is cool!

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Yes, that is cool. It is a copper lawn sprinkler. It was a "take it, it's free" item at a neighbor's house. The arms revolve, spraying water around. The white thing is an orb that used to be gold I think. Somewhere I have some gold gilt for stenciling furniture and want to put that on it (when I find it) and polish the copper.


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