Giving away my totem glass

joannpalmyraSeptember 3, 2010

Hello fellow junkies. :)

I need to downsize and have been getting rid of a lot of things. Next on the list: a huge lot of unused but lovely glass, intended for totems. I have made quite a few totems - sold several, gave away a few, have a few in my gardens. But I'm done.

So if anyone here would like the glass and any silicone I might have left, it's up for grabs.

To keep things safe and comfortable, we can meet at a mutually agreed upon public location.

I am in Wayne County, NY.

Anybody interested? :D


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bverste(zone 5)

Oh pooh, I live too far, but that is such a kind and gracious gesture. I am sure you will be overwhelmed with takers! Bev

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Marlene Kindred

Well, if I were closer, I'd take you up on it! Thanks for the generous offer!

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Hi Bev. :)
I hope so. I need to get this stuff out of here soon, but don't want it to go to the dump. If I can aid and abet in a fellow Garden Webber's glass and junking habit, then I'm happy. :D

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I was excited that you live in Wayne Co - so do I! Except...........I'm in Wayne Co, Ohio! LOL Shucks!

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No DUMP, please! Can you haul to Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, Salvation Army...anyplace like that near you??? Otherwise, I'd try "curb" give-away. Just suggestions! Good luck! (downsizing is a good thing at times!) Jeanne S.

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How sweet you are!

Unfortunately I live too far away!

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Jeanne, I wouldn't really dump it. I just need it gone asap. I use Freecycle a lot, so will probably go that route if nobody here wants the glass.
I won't curb it because it will get broken. (past experience)
I am curbing a lot of soft things now.

Awww, sorry Cindy, for the false hope. Ohio...hmm, just about a 6 hour drive...

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I got all excited because we are in the same growing zone but then I see you're in NY and I'm in WI! Yikes! Glad you are familiar with Freecycle. You also might want to try posting it on Craigslist and see if you can make some money on it. Just sell it has a big lot of glass goods so someone can haul the whole thing away. I sure wish I was closer!

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