Go-cart lawn mower-riding type-self propelled:?

rustyj14(W/PA)May 2, 2012

I dragged home the thing told about, above! It looks like a Go-cart! Has electric start, a back rest type seat, a small battery and rope start, recoil type. 5 speeds. Runs and drives.

Don't know yet who made it, but has a name plate somewhere on it. Briggs engine, looks like one i had on a pressure washer.

owner sez the main drive belt is slipping (His statement)

so i have to figure out how to tighten up the belt.

Tomorrow will tell, hopefully.

Seat is low to the ground. Looks racy! Battery is toast.

Owner returned from several years in Sweden. Sez it was ok there! (Folks say travel is tiring, and wearing!) Did that loosen the drive belt?

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Is that the Yard Bug? If so I think it was made in Germany for MTD.

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How abought a picture

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If i knew how to post a picture--i'd post one of handsome me!
that said--The name of it is: Wolf-garten!
Today i set about finding the cure for it. Somebody had mis-adjusted the cable from the clutch/brake pedal, and had the wrong length of belt on it. So, i got a shorter belt, and i'll try that tomorrow. I spent most of the afternoon lying on my left side, trying to figger it all out. Hopefully i'll get it fixed tomorrow.
Last week, i fixed a walk-behind mower for a near neighbor and returned it. They brought it back and said it doesn't run! And went away for a week. I checked the gas---tank empty! Added gas, and got it started, and it runs. Imagine that--ya have to put gas in it!
A friend brought in his walk behind mower-fairly new--said he hit a root and now it won't start! Well, it ain't going to start, ever again. Shaft bent badly! Parts is parts! G'nite!~

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Well, my friend and i worked on that crazy riding mower today. Found out that the controls are decidedly different from USA type controls!
At the front, on the steering column brace cover, down by yer feet, are two pedals. I haven't figured out what the left one does, but, the right one will send ya into the woods, or yer work-bench, at frightening speeds! So, when it doesn't stop, ya let up on the pedal, and that infernal machine backs up at the same speed as when it smashed into the work bench! The side gear shift sez it has 4 speeds and reverse, on a metal plate at the left side of the engine where the bent shift handle resides.
Problem with that---it doesn't say where Neutral is--nothing to show its location!
On the left side of the steering column plate, is another foot pedal, which i haven;t figgered out yet what it does.
It took 7 minutes to find neutral, so i could even get the engine started, since it doesn't have electric start. At least, i haven't found that either, if it even has it.
Finally, i did start the engine, got on it, moved the shifter handle to R (Does "R" mean something else in swedish?) And it ran swiftly into the arc welder and cart in front of it! I left up on the right pedal, and it backed out of the garage swiftly, then i pushed the pedal down and--yep--you guessed it--the arc welder cart again!
By that time, i was sorry i had ever seen that infernal machine! It is going back to the owner-free-no charge!
I did get it tamed down once and had it mowing and going along good, then Ruth called me for lunch, so i shut it off. I guess it had a fit of pique, because, after lunch, it did everything backwards, except it didn't put the grass back on the stems!
After many years of using the right pedal for the braking process, to have it work just the opposite is scary! WEEEeee--over the cliff, foot firmly planted on the brake pedal!

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DANG !!! Are ya alright Rusty? Dam dem feriners,
they can't even drive on the rite side of the road,
so how d'ya spect them to make a ridin mower?
I once had an IH, (cornbinder), that had a lever
right next to the gearshift, and what it did waz
shift between forward and reverse, (once ya got used
to it, it was kinda neet). Anywhoo, maybe that's what
that rite pedle does. In the first post you said that
it had letric start and now you say you don't know.
That worries me, Rusty. By da wee, dem furniture
karts that they're hawkin nowdays, make great arc
welder karts, and they go fer roun 20 dineroes (in case
any of our mexican frends are listenin, caws dis is
sinko de mayo, doncha know). I'm glad your able to
sit up and take norishment, and I'm glad you took
that dang contraption back to your naybor, (I hope
you din't leave any spensive gas in the tank).
You said that you was workin on this consarn
machine with yer 'friend'. . . that got me to
wonderin. . . does your friend wear a skirt?
(if so, don't let Ruth know). I'm gonna wipe
my brow and go have another kold one and thank
Gawd,(cant say God anymore), that the ony one
hurt is yer welder kart. Hang in there Rusty,
we're all rootin fer ya. I'm just sayin . . .

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Saturday, a younger fireman whom i know, stopped in, saw the go-kart mower, and faster than ya could say DANG!, He was on it, and driving it all over my big yard!
Then today, my 40 year old son came in, saw that machine, got it running, and drove it all around, too. He said he'd seen them around.
So, we got it on my truck, and i delivered it this evening. got it unloaded, and the owners 12 year old son jumped on it, it was started by his dad, and he promptly decimated his Mom's Petunia patch! ;o) Fun, fun, fun! RJ

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