Why is my lawn garbage?

sincraftJune 11, 2013

My lawn is full of weeds, white clover and dandelions. I recently killed off a majority of the dandelions with a great spray that is in concentrate form. On second pass, I was able to nuke the flowers only so far of the clover in this test area.

However, the clover areas are actually my only GREEN areas. The rest of my yard is already brown. It hasnt gotten above 85 here this year yet, and for the most part has been only around 70's for a high.

My neighbor had the same type of yard. He called in a service and they sprayed. He also had someone come out and aerate his lawn and overseed. I overseeded and it yielded nothing; however I did not aerate.

Could one year of a couple of spray sessions and aeration make that much of a different? His lawn is green, lush and full. Mine is sparse, growing more weeds than grass now, and is 50% clover :(

Not sure what to do first. I know no where that I could have soil tested to add things to make it better. It seems very dried out to be honest however, it has been very mild and we have had an ok amount of rain. 1 out of 7 days of solid rain followed by 68 highs - 78.
Perfect grass growign temps I would think.

I should also add that I cut twice a week, never cut more than a bit off, and I cut on the highest setting on my lawn tractor.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Where do you live?
What kind of grass do you have?
What is your watering regimen (frequency and duration)?
When were the last two times you fertilized and what did you use?
Have you ever used herbicide or weed n feed products? When?
Have you ever used insecticide or fungicide? When?

You are over thinking this. Growing grass is really easy once you get the hang of watering right, mowing at the right height, and regular fertilizing. We'll get to that after you answer the questions above. Can't give you anything but really general thoughts until then.

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