tutorial: aluminum flowers, dahlia type

mommyandme2September 12, 2011

Chrysanthemum/dahlia type: Punch a tiny hole at the top of an aluminum, can. Work the tip of your scissors in & neatly, cut off the top. If your scissors is creating a dangerously rough edge, try a different pair of scissors. Some work better on aluminum than others. Cut straight down the side of the can to the bottom.Cut around the bottom. Discard the top & bottom. Flatten the remaining rectangle of aluminum. Trace & cut several circles of different sizes. We used a set of biscuit cutters, but you can also use soda bottle, jelly jar & pill bottle caps, as well as lots of other things. Punch a hole in the middle of each circle with the pointed end of a compass or a leather awl. Cut each circle, almost to the hole,into 16 wedges. carefully trim each wedge into a petal shape. Don't make yourself crazy. My dd "S" does a beautiful job. Mine aren't so nice, but I have RA & am grateful I can still use a scissors at all. Pin the layers together with a brad. I usually do 4 layers, but, depending on the length of the brad's legs, you might be able to do 8 or more. After the layers are pinned together, fluff up the layers by pulling the top layers up & the lower layers down. The ones I make come out at about 3" diameter, but it depends on the size of the circles you start with. We have a set of shears, meant for scrapbooking, that cut different edges. We made some 3 layer flowers, cut with a jagged edge that look like coreopsis flowers. See photo # 29

Any questions ? Laura

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sorie6(6b ok.)

WOW your flowers are so beautiful. Thank you for the tutorial. DH will be able to make some of these. He's on oxygen and can't weld anymore. Give him something to do.

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Your can flowers sure are gorgeous! I love how you have them all displayed together. Thanks for the tutorials too!

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Marlene Kindred

Thanks so much for all of the tutorials! I copied and pasted them into a document so I would be able to keep the info in one place. Woohoo!

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