Mow, Blow and Edge

ditnc(7 NC)June 4, 2010

Humor me.

If you employed a yard service to mow, blow and edge your yard, fertilize, apply herbicide,clear leaves and debris, and trim shrubs....would you expect the following by default...?

- blow dead leaves and debris off the front walkway, porch and deck

If he's not blowing debris off the hard surfaces, what the he** and I paying for the "blowing" of?

Isn't this a standard expectation???

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That is true. If it were me using the blower in my own yard I would indeed blow those areas before I considered the job done. In some cases professional services may not venture far away from blowing only the walkway because other areas may have all kinds of things sitting around that could be damaged by a blower. Anyway....Just make it clear what areas you expect to be blown. There is no clear default expectation except maybe the walkway and/or drive.

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the lawn service guys (usually hispanic down here) clean up really well. they get the walkways, sidewalks, and the road.

if your deck is several feet above the lawn, they might forget or not even notice, just ask them, shouldnt be a problem.

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They may also only be blowing areas affected by the cuttings they created.

But yes, I would expect that if you have them doing that much of a "full service" contract, they would take care of all the areas outside the house.

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