Fall Decor with Garden Junk

jeannespinesSeptember 22, 2010

Got back from a nice vacation last Fri & trying to be outdoors but weather not co-operating much...got this done today in-between drizzles:

Sunflower wheel for the birdies:

Cut down one of my huge sunflowers & put under the bird arbor area:

Planted a lovely Mum in a pot, lined orange egg basket with some basket liner ...& set it here to enjoy while watching the birds:

Here's a closer view:

Remember this iron/wood wall hanger I bought late in 2007 at a flea market...well, this is my 3rd yr decorating it...so added some faux leaves, cut some grasses & Oregano from my gardens & moved these 2 little resin critters that have been outside for some yrs now...this hangs by my garage door:

Thanks for looking...on this first day of Fall! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

As always Jeanne...BEAUTIFUL! Can't believe just how huge your sunflower head is...the birds are going to love it! And your fall wall hanger is just gorgeous! Welcome back from vacation too!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Wonderful time of year isn't it? I love harvest, just wish the winter wasn't so long!

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They are all cute!!!Love that sunflower!1

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sorie6(6b ok.)

Everything looks wonderful!! I have the same little squirrels!!
What is the flower on the left of your first pic made of. Looks like metal? Did you make it. I really like it too.

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Lovely setting for the birds & tasty too! That is 1 huge sunflower!! The mum looks like it will have lots of flowers soon! Your "garden window" looks great! Should look nice even with a little snow on it!! Jan

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Those Iowa birds have gotta love you Jeanne! lol! You provide them with such a tantalizing smorgasbord. I love how you decorated your great wall hanger. Those squirrels sure look cute on it! TFS!

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I've always loved that wall hanger, such a terrific piece to decorate!

And I'm blown away by the size of that sunflower!!
hugs, Karen

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Love the dinner plate sized sunflowers!!! Your Fall displays are so artfully put together.

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Thanks, GJers...guess my "Mammoth Sunflower" seeds liked the yucky summer weather here this yr, hot, humid & rainy! LOL!

sorie..that metal flower was in the garden section of HLobby...when they clearance out that stuff for 70% off or so...I loved it ...& it "bobbles" in the wind...the birds use it alot! (like this Junco bird in April):

Jan, did you say that word, "snow!" Ugh!
Anyway, thanks for your kind comments, everyone! Jeanne S.

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shpnquen(z5, IN)

I loved what you did with the wall hanger just by itself, but OMG, how you decorated it for fall just takes my breath away!! I sure wish I could make stuff look like that!!

And we won't even go there with the huge sunflower....I'm lucky if mine even stay standing through the summer & their blooms aren't even big. (*sigh!*)

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Ok, I'm going to market you, Jeanne!!! You need your own shop on etsy, a blog and a decorating show on HGTV!!!!! Everything you touch turns to .....treasures!!! It is simply beautiful! I remember yr posts before on yr wallhanging, this one, I think is my fav! (its the squirrels, no, the basket, wait, the squirrels, oh, garsh, I love it all)!!!! LOL!! And the SUNFLOWER...can you say-HUMONGOUS!!!!! Whatever goodness God threw down there, sure spilled over at your house! Do you have any pics of them in their full glory? I just got back on here, so maybe I missed that post! Keep up the wonderful work, woman!!

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