which toro mower should i keep?

elvis_presley(Minnesota)June 20, 2014

I think am holding on to the lawnboy 2-stroke as a fun backup mower. But I want to get rid of one of my other two.
1. Toro super recycler (SR-21s #20042) works well. has some miles on it, but not bad
2. Toro recylcer. (20332) Home depot, rwd also personal pace. MINT condition. 2 years old but hardly used.

After making necessary repairs to the recycler, it works great. No issues. (Easier to use than the Lawnboy but doesn't cut quite as well.) However, I came across the super recycler, and had to buy it, because I thought it would be the ultimate mower. However, its from about 2001, doesn't cut great (needs a blade sharpening) and is slower than the recycler. I also seems heavier when going in an out under trees, etc. I just wonder if i put time and work into it, if it will be better than the recycler. It should be right? Will it last longer than the Chinese home depot mower, even though it's much older

I need the space, so 1 has to go.

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I would keep the super recycler. To start with it has a cast aluminum deck which means the cutting area where the blade is located is one piece instead of the stamped deck with curved pieces welded in. I feel the 1 piece promotes better airflow. Also the super recycler has the "kickers" built in to keep the grass in the blade to be minced better. Plus it should have the accelerator (fan) to recirculate the clippings underneath. These are extras the recycler doesn't have, but do make a big difference in quality of cut. Not sure if the self propel transmission on super recycler is better/different or not.

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I agree. No substitute for a premium mower with cast aluminum deck. Sounds like the both have Personal Pace so no difference there. You probably will be looking at an overhaul on the SR at some point, but its worth it when you have something good to start with.

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