Making a list of 'Redneck Chic ' projects

toomuchglass(5)September 4, 2010

I like this term better - it's so general , no one would be offended. This seems to be a good project to do over winter - so I should start collecting ideas now. I'm keeping all your suggestions & printing out a list!

I have a few ideas -

.... really pretty yard sparklers with bottle caps at the end. Maybe even coming out of a beer bottle ! LOL

I saw the coolest Hour Glass long ago - made out of wine bottles . I could adapt that to outside . That would be a FUN project ---- since I'll have to drink the wine !

YA--HOO !!!!!!

Of course the beer can wind chimes - maybe with can opener dingers .

Oh yeah - can't forget the pink flamingos . Any ideas what to do with them ? I have to buy them now while they are still for sale .

Let's see ..... How about an old boot - with a hand painted "welcome " sign coming out of it on a post.

********** THIS PROJECT really has me Giggling ,thinking of ideas - Join the fun and add your ideas to my list !!! Please ? It would even make a fun exchange if we ever did it again !

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There is always the old toilet bowl planter. Then there is the ever popular tire planter,plastic flower arrangements,the 2x4 block wishing well, totally unrealistic cheap plastic lawn statuary figures. The big plastic palm tree plants. Gotta hang the broken Christmas light strings and of course never take them down. Five gallon plastic buckets full of dead dried out plants. The one foot tall white plastic edging fence with broken and fallen down sections. Just a

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

A totem with plasticware. Nascar cups with a toy car on top, Christmas totem plastic Santas, plastic Elvis topper...

Uh I'm on a roll. Christmas plate flowers from those plastic cookie plates. They are super cheap at the Goodwill type stores. Silk poinsettia for the center would be fun.

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brightmoregirl(z6 Northern KY)

Ok, I'm chiming in here. It's not complete till you have a pink frig on the porch, and a motor hanging from your tree.
Now those would be hard to make look beautiful.

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

I second the motor tree,my last neighborhood a neighbor had TWO,guess he needed to balance it out!
Heres one I saw in PA, truck tires holding the roof of the house on!

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I don't think flamingos would be "chic" just being pink, I think they should be painted wild and fun colors or even done up in animal prints.

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

A pink flamingo with the body painted white with sequins and a white stand-up collar, and you have an Elvis-impersonator flamingo. Many variation on this theme.

This may be the perfect venue for a potty planter. I have one that is rather chic, if I do say so myself. Will have to post a photo.

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Gotta trim the driveway with the white painted rocks. The three foot tall 12 point buck would be awesome. It seems almost panicked as the clean but stained sheets flap in the breeze from the clothesline taught by the propped snow rake. The old formica topped kitchen table piled high with bags of recycled cans on the cinder block and pallet porch looks great next to the over stuffed and stuffing showing sofa with the faded large flowered print.

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there is a website ... blog spot...called redneck chic! lol

fun ideas, all!

Here is a link that might be useful: redneck chic

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You HAVE to have an old, ratty, upholstered couch on the front porch, you HAVE to. (I can say this because I'm from a long line of rednecks.) Also, a flyswatter hanging next to the screen door and spit buckets. Old food cans (like pork'n'beans, etc.) with plants in them on the porch rail.

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You guys have me laughing so hard I just dropped my duct tape!!! AS the redneck Chic ya'll are gettin' my wheels turnin'!

Except - we have to class the "redneck" part up... we're out to duct tape the sophisticated don'tyaknow!!!

;-D robelyn

Here is a link that might be useful: red.neck Chic

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The catch phrase to my Redneck Chic is going to be :

"Serious art with a sense of humor "


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Deer (or any animal) head stuck on a wall is all the rage now. You see the "blanks" for taxidermists in all the frou-frou magazines. I recently saw one made in a magazine out of papermache over a piece of styrofoam with branches for antlers. It was cute. I wonder if one could be made from hypertufa over styrofoam with branches for antlers to hang it on a fence or the side of a garage. It could be painted, mosaiced or decoupaged.

I'd also like to see some cow horns or a cow skull mosaiced. It'd be pretty with some bling throw in for good measure.

Months ago, I posted a cowboy boot birdhouse featured in Birds & Blooms magazine. Below is a link to the page with instructions.

I like the idea of the food cans as planters. I have seen cans painted and decoupaged that look very chic. Painted cans with holes punched in them make great candle lanterns too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Boot Scootin' Birdhouse

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Kathy -- I looked into buying a blank deer head to mosaic - Too expensive for me ! I was cruising around the internet checking out Paper Mache. Seems it hasn't changed since I was a kid - just flour & water & newspaper. Knowing that --- it opened a whole new world to me on making statues or figurines to "junk up " . I swear I need about 10 more hours in my day ...

Those little boot houses are adorable .

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this post makes me close to cringing...
not from funny so much as close to my heart.
I've been 'red neck chic' long before it had a name and have dealt with the county over it for quite some time.
the part of the old ratty couch...well, in one place, I did have a comfortable old thing, with a dark blue cover over nailed for that one, from the county..
and it wasn't even mine!..we rented and I decided not to take it away cuz the grandkids liked to jump on it..
finally, I got fined $250 for my garden junk...

we moved back to my place and I began a collection of more junk and defended it to the core..
this past year I went to battle again..different county..different county officials..(gestapo)

long story short......
in a way I won..
in a way I didn't....

my health went down cuz of it but the upside is that the stoooopid county office has had to go back to their antiquated books and have actually had to 'rewrite' Article One, for the county.

although I used to think all the cutesy junk in the yard was fun and whimsical, now I just don't care for the pink, cuz of the harrassment that I"ve gotten from my neighbors..I don't care about cute.

I'm more interested in hanging some taxidermy animals from trees...(no, I'm not going to do it but the thought is there).
I'm into anything that I can get away with, that will pisss the neighbors off!

the toilet planter is going to be first on the list, come spring.
I want one of those signs or metal cut out of a boy peeing, that you see in the back window of trucks..
aimed in their yard's direction..

a witch that will be anchored to the tree, that will stay up all year..
maybe a cauldron...

or, I could just let it drop all together and pay $75 for a permit to build a fence, right next to the one they built, that's higher than 8 feet...with irregular top, cuz they did such a good job of making theirs rather straight..

and also I'd love to enlist the help of high schoolers over, to use their artistic ablilty to paint away, along the entire fence, to make a black silhouette of something stark and weird..
or probably only plant some ornamental grasses along the fence line..

I don't know, the fight just isn't there any more for me.
the garden junk theme has taken on an entirely different entity.
I still like to read all that's going on but now I don't go out with such enthusiasm to find good curb shopping things..
it's time to pass the torch to those who still do or just learning of the thrill of the hunt.

for me...I'm more inside now, doing
drawing and painting..wait for the rains to come and water plants that I don't pay so much attention to.

and if you haven't seen the picture of the metal shopping cart, turned 'redneck barbeque grill' gotta do a google imgage search for that one..
it's hilarious, no matter how jaded you become.......

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I realized as I was reading this and laughing that I hadn't laughed out loud for quite a while. That shoppipng cart grill is hysterical!
Our garage looks like its about to fall down, but that isn't something you could create over the winter Kathy Toomuch - it been the work of many decades, lol.
Sorry you feel beaten down, Becky. But glad to hear you are painting and mosaicing still.
Thanks for a very funny post everyone.

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I had a pretty good list once but I either lost it or it's in my file at the therapist's office.
I found 2 toilets on Craigslist Free and went in to town to pick them up. On the way back I stopped at a bowling alley to see if they had any bowling balls. He said I just threw some out yesterday so I decided to do a little dumpster diving.
Bad Move. I was waist deep in nachos, french frys and ketchup. This is Tucson and it's 106F. Nasty place. After 5 futile minutes I gave it up. I leaped to top edge of dumpster smelly and dirty where I gazed down into the back of my truck at the 2 dirty toilets and wondered how my life had come to this. Maybe you have to suffer for your art but... but there should be limits.

And an added bonus, my own guitar hero.

Red Neck Chic? The only rule is there are no rules. Go for it.
On second thought there should be one rule. Never let your therapist see your list.

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Thanks for the laugh you guys! Love the redneck grill but I think a metal shopping cart would make a cute planter too. That toilet of yours tinfoilhat really looks scary! Definitely not one to sit on. Love your guitar though.

strawberrygoat, I'm sorry to hear about your health. I'm glad you are still doing crafts though because they can be so therapeutic.

Some scarecrows dressed in redneck garb would be pretty fun too.

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