New sod turning brown

Shortstuff_99June 20, 2011

I live in Wester Ontario Canada and last week we got our lawn leveled and old grass taken out and new sod put in we are putting up a fence in the next few weeks and post are in. The instructions my husband was given is to water it good. I would have expected more instruction but that was it. We are watering it twice a day each section for about 15 minutes, parts sprinkler doesn't reach we put a soaker on it for 10 minutes.

I noticed quickly that where you can see the lines on the joining of the sod they are brown is this normal. The most disturbing part is today there is a large patch towards the middle of the yard going brown. It's been hot weather so does this mean I am not water enough. I read up that watering during the afternoon is the worst time to water because it can burn the grass is this correct? Also the brown grass is it due to lack of water or over watering? There is a large patch in the corner of the yard that is brown too.

My husband thinks it will just come back and green up again but I am concerned.

Also due to preparing to put up a fence husband and father in law have had to walk on the grass and I got concerned cause I read your not to walk on it for a month? When can we walk on it like normal and also on another note the landscapers didn't roll the sod after putting it down which I asked my husband about and he wasn't concerned either. I don't know if I am over concerned.

Thanks for any help and comments

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Sounds to me like it doesn't have enough water. While it could be a disease or something, it would make more sense in that it may need more water. 15 minutes doesn't sound like enough to me. Also, be sure not to water during the day.

If it were me I would water a couple hours early in the morning. It's pretty easy to tell if it is drying out or not. Just pull up the sod (don't pull it up if the roots have established) and see if it's dry. Sod needs TONS of water! Pour it on!

Walking on fresh sod is fine.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I would water 15 minutes at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Watering in the middle of the day will not burn the grass. It will cool the grass. Water like that for a month. Then start to back off on the frequency and increase the duration until you are more toward once per week for 45 minutes to an hour (approximately 1 inch of water per week - all at one time).

Are you sure the spot in the middle is not a low spot? If water is puddling under the sod, you might have a disease problem under there. Is there an obvious crown in the middle or could it be low?

Not rolling may have been a mistake. Rolling is the most important thing to do once sod is down. YES! Walk all over it especially if it was not rolled down. Don't play soccer on it but walk on it.

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