Painted rocks and welcome sign

Calamity_J(z7bc)September 29, 2012

Anybody paint is on my To Do List. I bought this pig and was given the flower rock...and Hubby is installing the welcome sign (A window found by the mailboxes)on our scrounged lumber arbor. He is just putting an old gate I dragged home on the top of it for the vines...He hates my haording stuff but now that he sees the end product...heh heh!!!

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Marlene Kindred

Your welcome sign is just what the doctor ordered for your arbor and the gate will be a great addition for flowers for it! I've always admired the painted rocks, but have never attempted to do any of them myself. I know you'll be good at that as well though.

Sometimes our DHs don't understand what's in our heads, but once they see what we're thinking, they are usually good about helping make the plan a reality. Thanks to your Hubby for always helping you with yours!

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Thanks Marlene!Hubby is so funny, he just said this mornin that he is so suprised at how everything is just fitting together, like I didn't plan it that way...???sheesh! Here is another trellis that we are setting up to hide the shed. It will have rhodos/heather planted.

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Jane, your garden ideas are working out so well. I like the lattice on the fence. He's doing a good job.

Nice sign and rocks too! I see another garden tour in your future.

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Everything is looking great. That gate looks like it has a Scottie on it!!!!

Yes, I have painted on rocks. Owls are my very favorite!!! The wolves and foxes and cats come out okay but I enjoy doing the owls the best.


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Anne, how about sharing some pics!!!

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It's all looking great!! Did you mosaic the center of welcome sign, can't see that up close. Will be lovely with vines over head! Love the butterfly & floral piece too! Jan

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I love watching a man work ~~~ hehehe
I also love it when a man realizes that his wife ISN'T crazy for hoarding all that stuff ! LOL

It's looking awesome :)

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I don't have any left. I've given them all away. Next time I make some I'll take pictures.

The book I used, The Art of Painting Animals on Rocks, which I love, is by Lin Wellford. If you follow her directions, you will end up with a great rock animal. I had never tried anything like that before and people raved about the animals I did.

Below is a link to the Ebay Animals on Rocks. The leopard, wolf, grey tabby cat and a persian cat further down are from her book.


Here is a link that might be useful: Ebay Painting Animals on Rocks

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Here is a closeup of the sign as I just mosaiced the middle pc, it was just a fun little suprise project...I wonder if the person who dropped it of at the mailbox will ever notice it?....

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Well, getting there...just added some old milk of magnesia bottles DS gave me for Moms Day...and made this little garden ornament out of found objects for a is some kind of cast cememnt square, on a spike that I added some cobalt bling and beads!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Your yard is looking fabulous!
I love everything. The welcome window is beautiful and perfect for where you put it.
Good for hubby for finally seeing your vision.

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