Lawn Boy Starts Once

iwannarideJune 11, 2014

I have a LB 8237 purchased in 1978 or 1979. Still runs good but only starts when cold and then will start on the first pull. If it runs only a minute, it will not start again until a long rest.

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So, how big is your lawn?

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Flat head engine 4 stroke engine? If so I would remove the head clean the carbon from the combustion chamber (head, valves, top of piston, head gasket, and spark plug) and look for slop between piston and cylinder wall.

2 cycle? WTFO probably.

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whizzer75(z7 Al)

I have one that did that many years ago. It was bad electronic ignition coil (if that's the right term). Replaced it and its' still going strong.

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Thanks for the replies.

Mike, the yard is very small and the LB is used as my trim mower. I use a small lawn tractor for most of the work.

rcmoser, the LB is a 2 cycle engine, F series I think.

whizzer72, I expect the same as you; i.e., the warm engine changes the coil characteristics so the spark isn't as strong. Just hate the cost of a new coil for troubleshooting.

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I agree with whizzer, The way to find out if the module is not working is to disconnect the spark plug wire, remove the plug , reconnect the plug wire .then with the plug touching a bare metal spot on the mower, pull the starter cord and see if there is a spark. If no spark, it's the module.

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I'll try the spark test suggested by bogman to see if I have spark. If not, could it possibly be a bad spark plug?

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