Ok, I give up! It's time to kill it all!

wertach zone 7-B SCJune 6, 2014

I bought out my parents home from my siblings after Dad passed in 2010.

I have been battling the dandelions with weed and feed, "it should be labeled feed the weeds"..... Spot treating with roundup. There are just too many! 99% of the 1 1/2 acre lawn is dandelions! It used to be Bermuda grass.

I have been cutting the tops every 3 days because they come back so fast!

I need help with a game plan, please?

I'm thinking, that I should go ahead and put roundup now so that when the seeds re-sprout, possibly several times, I can do the roundup again?

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Any product with 2,4D will kill dandelion. Spray dandelion in spring and late summer/early fall, and then reseed early fall. A healthy stand of turf will keep out a lot of dandelions.

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