Fall is in the air ... & the gardens!

jeannespinesSeptember 22, 2011

Here's my old egg basket that I showed earlier this Spring...the sedum grew & the Hen & Chicks ...now I added some gourds/pumpkin from my garden:

This is what I call my "gr'pa's rake garden"...he used this old hay rake many yrs ago when farming...the Sweet Autumn Clematis is blooming like crazy (& smells so good when you walk out there):

...and the Clematis climbed right up the Plum tree planted in Grpa's Rake Garden..I also planted Cannas & Spirea bushes & black Hollyhocks...this garden did good this yr (w/hot weather even!)

This old ladder I put right next to my Bucket Tipsy Pots which did terrific this yr, too (I showed an earlier this summer)...last yr I tried Hyacinth Beans & they did good on the ladder...but last Fall I planted another Sweet Autumn Clematis & it's coming along good ...old white teakettle is my watering can:

Here's the pic from Aug that I posted of the Tipsy Buckets...you can barely see the ladder leg bottom right:

And the grasses...oh,they sure make a grand display when Fall is arriving! Here's one of my favs in the garden by the big old bell...windy & misty day yesterday when I took these pics:

So happy "1st day of Autumn" tomorrow! TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, as I've said so many times, I love your yard. Any time of the year its beautiful.

hugs, Karen

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Jeanne, everything is beautiful.


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Beautiful pics! I love the white Clematis& the gray of the old ladder & tipsy pots really filled in nicely. The fall basket reminds us that fall is coming up very soon even tho temps are still warm out here during day! TFS Jan

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Very beautiful!
I just love the autumn clematis and all of your artful arrangements.

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Marlene Kindred

I'd like a garden tour of your yard sometime please! How lovely all of your things are....the clematis is beautiful...I know what you mean, they smell heavenly. Your tipsy buckets are so pretty and your grasses, hens and chicks...well, you get the idea...love them all!

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Love, love! Especially the grasses - I don't have any but would love to get some planted. Maybe next year. Thanks for sharing!

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