Lawnmower noise ear protection

ken51June 30, 2014

Anyone have an idea what the best noise reduction is for a walk behind mower? I see 30db over the head ear muffs but that might be too much. 23 db seems to be the next popular level. ( I have a Bully Goat leaf vacuum that's very noisy; 96db. I believe the lawn mowers are rated around 92db.) Any thoughts?

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I'm not sure by what you mean "too much"???
Having an extra margin of safety is a good thing.

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I agree with Bill---having an extra margin of safety is a good thing. I don't think 30db is too much reduction.

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Ok - thanks for your comments -I'll look for 30db .

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rosemallow(z7 Md)

I am a believer and user of using hearing protection.
Noise can cause a lot of problems and not just loosing your hearing. Things like stress etc can happen.
Yes the higher the better. Exceptions to the rule is that you still need to be aware of your surroundings when using tools.
I like the Worktunes which have 22 db.
And Radio headphones have come a long way.
The biggest problem with any hearing protection is that the user does not have it on properly.
I remember Radio Shack had radio headphones. They really offered no hearing protection. The user turned the volume high to overcome the noise level.
Anyway, I use 3M TEKK WorkTunes Hearing Protector, MP3 Compatible with AM/FM Tuner. Love it and they can be purchased used/new from Amazon.

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Funny thing about noise - if you like the noise, its not as harmful as it would be if it was a sound that 'bothered' you. This is a fact and explains why many musicians, while they definitely can suffer hearing loss, do not do so at the expected rate considering their exposure.
On the other side of that are sudden very loud noises like firearms, which no matter how much you like to shoot, are going to severely impact your hearing if not attenuated by hearing protection.
However, using hearing protection while operating loud machinery, including mowers, chain saws, gas trimmers, etc., is an excellent idea. Almost any set of muffs rated anywhere from 23 decibels on up are more than adequate for these uses. For guns, I use a decent set of muffs plus foam plugs. I use just foam plugs at auto races, even dirt tracks, where a lot of sound is soaked up by the ground. I always enjoy those moments when there is a lull in the action and I slowly pull the plugs out and hear all the high frequencies rush back.

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Young bucks see noise as pleasing to the ears (noisy $As Harley, or top fuel FC) , old farts see it as MIGRAINE"S, Hearing Lost will not be bummer till your close to not cutting the mustard any more then you will notice yourself saying WHAT, hun, I can't hear word you saying. But by that time it's too late the nerve endings are toast. SO WHY WOULDN"T you want most noise damping plugs or muffs available? Never heard of someone loosing hearing from being to Quiet?

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The comment about being aware of your surroundings hit the nail on the head for me. Its hard to describe but I have had several close calls with cars getting too close while I was mowing. If I didn't hear them it would be a different story. Also. I picked up a Billy Goat lawn vacuum last year and wow is that thing loud. So for me its more of a scientific problem.

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I often use Bose Quiet Comfort headphones when mowing. I originally got them for traveling for work to reduce noise in airplanes; but being retired, they're now serving a new purpose. You can still hear things around you but it filters a lot of the lower pitched noise from a mower. They don't however, filter high pitched noises very well. Went to an F1 race a few years ago and they were like I wasn't even wearing them. Had to resort to earplugs. There are several "noise canceling" headphones on the market these days for various prices and you are wise to be trying to preserve your hearing now!

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I've always used hearing protection, ear plugs. If you want extra protection....use both plugs and ear muffs.

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While 30 dB reduction certainly won't hurt, you only need to get the noise level below 85 dB. Just about any earplugs, including the cheap diposables, will do that.

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I went to the local WalMart for a pair of Tekk ear muffs -think the spec was 25 db for $8 - well they moved them or took them off sale. So I picked up the Peltor -30db.That will bring my Billygoat diown from 95 to 65 db. Thanks for all the replies.

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