Sea Foam Motor Treatment

sboricic(5a)June 9, 2012

I was wondering if anyone here uses Sea Foam to clean engines for lawnmowers or tractors. I've watched some videos on Youtube and it looks like it works well to loosen all the gunk up inside engines.

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I use Seafoam as my carb cleaner in all my lawn equipment. I use it in the first and last tank each season. In between, I use Marvel Mystery Oil in all my fuel.

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I use seafoam in my truck , car , motorcycle and lawn mower oils to ensure reduction of sludge and carbon . Works very well when used as instructed.

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I use Sea Foam or Startron in any gasoline that will not be used up within 3 months.

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Too expensive for me. I buy a qt of MMO and add a capful to every gas fill up. Between the MMO and using the shutoff to run the carbs dry after every use, my carb adventures have pretty much ceased.

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Sea Foam is one of those products that may help engine performance and it may not. I've owned mowers for 40 years and never experienced the kind of problems that would make me consider spending money on an additive. Remember that gasoline and engine oil are already complex products with specially designed additives included. I'm not convinced it provides a measurable benefit. If you believe it does help then by all means go ahead.

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"I'm not convinced it provides a measurable benefit."...Neither am I. In fact I am not convinced that any of the "magic" liquids that come in small cans or bottles have a measurable benefit. However, if I'm having a problem with the way a small engine is running I give Seafoam a shot. I use 1/2 ounce in a quart of gasoline. Since I pay $7.00 for a 16 ounce bottle that only comes out to 22 cents a treatment.

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Evd: Good Post . I agree that intially I too was not sold on miracle cleaning additives . But after using Lucas and Seafoam and more resently Star*tron the benefits when required are apparent. Roadbike makes valid points too if you buy new and routinely use premium oils and good fuel (without ethanol) . However I normally buy used being a former Diesel Mechanic and have witnessed the sludge and carbon from neglected equipment even when quality detergent oils were used . Numerous people only change oil as an afterthought rather just keep adding lol. So I stick by my statement , Seafoam for treating oil on occassion when warranted and Star*tron mostly again only seasonally upon req'd occassion (once annually) usually .

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Thanks for the replies. It sells for $12.49 up here in Ontario, but is on sale for $9.99 this week and was thinking of getting some and trying it out.

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I have yet to have a problem related to the use of ethanol blended fuel. I used it in both a 1973 and 2007 Toro and experienced no deteriorating seals or starting problems. I know there are anecdotes about how blended fuel causes seal problems but I suspect the untold part of those stories involves deferred maintenance.

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My mixes are:
4-cycle OPE; Sta-Bil 'Marine' for ethanol fuels + 1 oz MMO/gal of 89 Octane.
2-cycle OPE: regular mix oil + 2 oz MMO/gal of 89 Octane + Sta-Bil.

I use mid-grade gas because a 2-gal can lasts all season, and there are a lot of volatiles escaping from it every time a hot can is opened, and as the fuel sits in the vented mower tank. I believe using the higher octane helps keep the octane at/above the minimum level even after months of storage/use.
I also will use MMO in the oil when I think special cleaning is needed leading up to an oil change (OPE and vehicles). I have used Sea Foam before and had no problem with it, but I'd rather use the products I mentioned. Also, E10* is mandated in my area so I have no choice on gas. It is very important to protect your vehicles from the corrosive effects of methanol-blended fuels too, which is why I use the Sta-Bil Marine in them. Keeps everything clean and catalytic converters stay 'sweet'.

* I have every reason to expect E10 will be replaced by E15 at some point. This will not affect my formulations.

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Just a waste of money, No such fix in a can. Get over it.

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Suit yourself. Rolm, I have used Seafoam once to de-carbonize the top end of my car's engine. by letting it into a vacuum line. Made a lot of smoke, but had no other affects. MMO is 1/4 of the price and smells good enough to pour over vanilla ice cream. Used in my old BMW's gas, it gives a little more pep. Marina noticed it too. All I can get is 10% ethanol fuel. My OPE is old and each fillup they get a cap full of MMO. They start and run better. Hey, at worst the stuff does nothing. But , it really smells good.

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'Just a waste of money, No such fix in a can. Get over it.'

Chuckle. 'And the mowers keep rolling along...' (to the tune of 'The Army Goes Rolling Along). BTW, as I said above, I use the Sta-Bil Marine in my vehicles too. Keeps them running smooth and reliable. Keeps cat converters sweet and maintains new-car performance. I've been doing this about ten years and haven't had to have fuel system service yet. My previous car I had 8 years, using E10 the whole time. Ethanol combines with water, carrying any water in the fuel tank to all parts of the fuel system where it sits and can start corrosion without something special in the fuel to prevent it. My 2007 F-150 sits for weeks at a time without being started, and use of Sta-Bil in it keeps the fuel fresh and corrosion-free.
In my mowers and other OPE, I simply put them away and they sit all winter, starting on the first pull in the spring every time.
Look, I've had it the other way for my whole life until I started using these things, and the difference is stark. Clean engines/fuel systems = happy equipment and vehicles.

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I too was a non-believer. But "I tried it
and I like it". MMO, along with Seafoam,
keep all of my engines running just fine.
It may be an old wives tale, but it works
for me.

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If you do routine pre-ventive maintenance and don't let your equipment lay idle for months then you don't need it IMO. Let them lay around Like tillers, boats, trimmers all set idle in off seasons. Leave the ethanol in them for 4 months repeatably IMO your going to have problems especially older equipment thats got years of use. IMO they tend to plug up quicker due to the years of use and tarnish up quicker.

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Older Lawnboy engines have cork floats in the carbs that are coated with a varnish like material. Anyone know if the Seafoam will eat away this coating? I have used this treatment in my truck before and it seemed to make it run smoother but can't really prove it.

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I kind of dought it. usually carb. cleaner, soak time, and wire bush will dissolve and scrap that stuff off. Course you can try it and see if over time it does something and report back your findings? Would be good infor for all of us knowing one way or the other?

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plumberroy(z5 wc ohio)

It is the best gas stabilizer I have tried I also know it will reduce carbon build up on older engines I put 1 oz per gallon in the 12.5 gallon of winter on hand snowblower/generator gas usually bought in oct . If it is not needed I run the gas in the mowers and tillers the following summer with out ever having problems

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whizzer75(z7 Al)

Bosco659, the coating on Lawnboy floats is epoxy. I had trouble with it coming off long before I ever heard of seafoam.
Guess what softens epoxy, ethanol. I cleaned my float with alcohol and coated it with Seal All which is resistant to gasoline and ethanol. Still "floating" after a year or so.
Been using Seafoam in all 2 cycles for several years now.

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I haven't seen marvel mystery oil in a while. Are you guys getting it in auto parts stores or where? Used to use it in my boat years ago.

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