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luvidaho_2010(5/6)September 30, 2012

I mostly lurk and greatly enjoy looking at everyone's wonderful pictures and ideas. You are all very talented, and I have borrowed several ideas I have seen.

I saw a picture a month or so ago of a bird feeder made from a ring from a whiskey barrel with 2 holes drilled through it, a metal rod (smaller than re-bar I think) running through the holes, with a disc blade attached to the bottom of the rod for the bird feed. I didn't save the post so that I could show my DH, figured I could find it again. Wrong! I have searched every word combination I can think of, tried to go to the picture gallery (couldn't find it) and still haven't found the picture. I can't even remember now if it was a post or a link attached to a post.

Does anyone remember this picture, or have instructions for something similar? I would like to make one, have all the parts but DH isn't too impressed with my attempt at a drawing of what I want it to look like.:)

Thanks, Tami

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Sorry I can't help you - I don't remember seeing it and I also searched Google images for you with every word combination I could think of! Hope someone can answer your question!

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Marlene Kindred

It was in the Summer Issue of Country Gardens Magazine on pg. 58. I tried finding it on their site and I'm sure someone can, but I didn't have any luck. It was an awesome birdfeeder....good luck in your search. Sue Whitney from Junk Market Style created it.

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Thanks for the replies. I was sure I saw it on here but I am beginning to think it must have been a link added and I just can't find where it was posted. I might have to try making another drawing from memory and tell him to just help me make it and hope for the best! LOL

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