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sprout_wi(z4 WI)September 2, 2010

I am working on a wooden figure for the garden. It will have some metal or iron elements. I have it all figured out, except for the hair (and facial features). It is a female figure and I am leaning toward copper wire, stapled to a wooden head and 'styled'. Any other ideas? Thanks,


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How big? Would the head of a metal leaf rake work? You could curl the tines for a hair style. Maybe more than one if your figure is large enough.

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I'm thinking "spiral" curls could use your copper wire & wrap it around a dowel for curling purposes. Copper certainly would make a gorgeous redhead! Maybe some old "hardware" for facial features ... like drawer knobs, handles, door hinges, etc. Jeanne S.

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lindasewandsew(So Cal 9)

The springs in a mattress may be a good size, or smaller ones can be found in a crib mattress. Here's what they look like. The mattress can be torn apart, burned, or can just rot away to get the springs. Linda

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

Great ideas, thanks!! The body of the figure is a carved newell post - about 3 feet tall. The head will be a wooden sphere which is a little larger than a baseball in size. The plan is for it to be an angel. I have iron shelf brackets for wings. Will post photos when I finish.

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I thought of using copper metal dish scrubbers (unroll them) from the $ store, for hair on my 12 inch garden angels. Would they work for you? A real kinky head of hair!

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The old floor mop I used on one of my critters (the lady in this picture) has been there for at least three years. You can dye it with food color or fabric dye, then spray it with WD-40 besides it is easily replaceable.

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How about metal screening, nowadays the hardware stores have different sizes from fine and up. I have some covering a shed window so the squirrels don't get in.

You would be able to cut it, bunch it up, probably even cut and curl.

OR: You could string metal buttons together and layer them on the head and let them fall loosely to the shoulders.
Okay, link safety pins together, layer and let fall, same as buttons above.

Even thought of cutting and bending forks and turning up the ends of the tines and layering on head

If I keep looking around this room my imagination will be in overdrive. LOL


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After I posted above I noticed a candle on the desk by the moniter, one of the cheap dollar store ones in the metal, you buy by the dozen or more for a few dollars.

Welllll, I took the candle out and cut down one side of the metal and cut out the circle bottom and was left with a small strip of metal. Tried the sissors and it will curl almost like curling a ribbon. Lightbulb came on and I wrapped it around a pen, TaDa perfect ringlet. Make a lot and layer on head.

Am I driving you crazy yet.


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