Black and Decker $70 electric edger at Ace

earthworm(6 Pennsylvania)June 15, 2011

This one claims to edge and trench, I imagine the $270 gas models are faster, but all I have is several hundred feet to trim and edge.

Is this one any good ?

At 71 years of age, I'd rather use power equipment...

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Texas_Tifway(8 East Texas)

I have a Husqvarna 223l and that thing is an absolute beast. Its the best of both worlds, its very light and its has a lot of power. Got it at lowes for about $250 and was worth it compared the the walmart weed eater one i had before that shook my hands to death. It all really depends on how much you want to spend and how much you need to trim. I'm not a fan of any any products that black and decker put out because i think they are all crap but that is me.

My 2 cents

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earthworm(6 Pennsylvania)

Thanks, Tifway, for the response.
I agree that Walmart = lowest possible price = junk(to an extent).
Same with B & D.
IMO these companies are
1 .... out of touch
2 .... profits , short term, above all ease..
And, I think this assessment applies to all companies, including Husqvarna, but not as much..

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Texas_Tifway(8 East Texas)

No problem, I think you hit the head on the nail with walmart and B&D. Husqvarna IMO is a decent company that produces pretty good products. I have actually owned the Black and decker le750 that you have been looking at and i would have to say that it is pretty mediocre. I would have to always rock the edger back and forth so that the edger could advance along the driveway and grass would clump up between the cutting blade and the front guide wheel. So i would have to stop and open up the housing door containing the blade and pull out all of the grass that was clumped inside. But i had this years ago when the model first came out and im not sure if they have changed the design much since then (highly doubt it). But my edger has met its maker and is in a landfill. I own a troybilt gas edger (model Tb554) and it does a pretty good job, I can edge 400ft of side walk in front of my house in a couple of minutes. But its only good at cutting straight lines. How much do you need to edge and do you already have a string trimmer?

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earthworm(6 Pennsylvania)

I bought a Toro electric string trimmer at auction years ago for $3, I think.
The extension cord is work, but the electric is much better balanced and far easier to use than a gas model - these are , in a word, and IMO, junk...
I have about 100-150 feet of asphalt driveway and concrete walkway to do....
I just may do all of this by hand, machines, good ones are expensive (one is $1,100 ! )....
I bought a so-called "Snapper" unit from Walmart 2 years ago, seemed to be nice at first, but after using it (wrestling with it),its too bulky, poorly balanced, and I may throw it away.....
I love using good well designed machines(German, Japanese) but the money(and I) are tight...

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