Would this be offensive ?????

toomuchglass(5)September 2, 2010

I watch a show called 24 hour restaurant battle

This weeks show was to set up a "theme" restaurant.

The brother's who did it , called it "Trailer Park Chic" -- they had it decorated in all sorts of stereotype trailer / tacky stuff. It was so funny & cute - everybody loved it. That got me to thinking of "maybe" a line of funny & cute garden art ... called Trailer Park Chic.

Do you think anyone would take offense at that ? --- Everything would be cute - and wouldn't degrade anyone that lives in trailers. It would be more "tacky modern" ~ LOL I have a sense of humor ...I just don't know if everybody would. What do you think ?

I'm thinking small "Beer bottle trees" .... "bottle fountains" ...pink flamingos artsy stuff ... little outhouses with pink flamingos sitting on the pot --- TV tray bird feeders ... stuffed fish bird feeders ... cutsie stuff like that .

Would anyone find that offensive if it was done in a good way ?

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beck_wi(z5 WI)

I lived in a trailer when I was a kid, and I wouldn't take offense to it.

In fact there is a country song out now about living in a trailer park. Toby Keith sings it. I got this description from Wikipedia. ---> "Trailerhood" is an upbeat song that celebrates the trailer park lifestyle. In the narrators view, it's a world filled with pink flamingos, plastic pools, auto racing and cans of beer, but also a place without judgment, where true friendships can be found.

I say go for it.

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My best email friend lived in a trailer --- she had a "trailer trash" party one year .... she sent me pictures --- it was hillarious ! They never took it seriously , they had fun with it.

Thanks, Beck ... I'm so afraid I'll hurt someone's feelings.... ( That's just me .... )

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I love Toby Keith's Trailerhood song! Very fun! And so is your idea. It would be fun to have flamingos, a beer bottle tree ... oh and don't forget to keep Christmas lights on your front porch all year long (to borrow a line from Gretchen Wilson's Redneck Woman song). Gosh, where did I see it ... an old abandoned and rusty truck with flowers growing in it ... that would be perfect. Yep, it would be fun and I can't imagine anyone getting offended by it.

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

I love your ideas!! The term "trailer park chic" gives it class. The guys on the TV show used it. They must have had to run it past someone upstairs. Possibly started out as 'trailer trash' and upgraded it (lol)

My sister-in-law and niece have a trailer trash Thanksgiving each year. Just the two of them. They have turkey roast, instant potatoes, purchased dessert, and eat on TV trays while watching old movies on TV. It is a special time for them to bond, have fun and be creative. Kinda like us.

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I wouldn't see it as offensive, it's all in good humor. The beercan windchimes & hillbilly gag gifts have been around forever! I used to make & sell a lot of them!

Besides, there are good & bad everywhere!

Speaking of country songs, one of my favorite songs is
"No Trash in My Trailer"
(Since he threw her out!)
The video is cute w/ hub cap etc decor.

Here is a link that might be useful: No Trash in My Trailer

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I have made the windchimes, but used soft
drink cans instead of the beer cans. Have
no access to beer cans....
I do have enough beer bottles that have been thrown
out on my road to do a green and brown bottle tree.
There is a daycare center at the end of the road
and I got at least one bottle a day for awhile.

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Marlene Kindred

Well....I think I have a completely different take on the whole "trailer trash" idea. My DH and I lived in a trailer park when we were first married and then moved the trailer to a private lot and lived there for 7 more years. It always stung a little when people referred to "trailer trash" because we didn't perceive ourselves as that at all. We lived in what we could afford and we loved our trailer and took very good care of it. There have been many times that I've wished we still had it. So, I guess what I'm saying is that no matter how good your intentions might be, it may still hurt someone's feelings. But, on the other hand, it is your yard and if you choose to have a certain theme in it, then you are entitled to do so. And, knowing you, I'm sure it would be very tasteful. I just wanted to pass along how I used to feel.

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Sounds like a fun idea. I don't find the name offensive but another suggestion might be 'redneck chic' or 'trashy chic' without the word 'trailer'. Go with what you want to do and have fun!

Here is a link that might be useful: Shabby Garden Creations

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Some years back REVLON put out a line of tacky colored nail polishes like black and blue and purple. Revlon called the line TRAILER TRASH. It didn't market too long under that name but I've noticed the wild colors are still around. So nationally the market didn't like the name but they liked the product. I agree that country music has made it a 'kiss my backside' attitude along with 'kiss my backside pride'which makes trailer dwellers very cool. You could go for a name change like "MOBILE MANSION METIER" (METIER -trade,art,craft,handicraft)

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Sounds like my place only I do not live in a trailer ! I used too !!Real trailer trash lives down the street from me Ha!!!!

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I'm glad I asked . I never want to offend anyone !

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It's funny but I know a few people who live in mobile homes in trailer parks and their mobile homes are pretty spectacular - nicer than a lot of 3 bedrooms homes I have been in! I definitely wouldn't mind living in one. I think garden-potter's idea of "redneck chic" is a good alternative.

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I think it sounds like fun and time to get started!!! And it really doesn't matter what you call it someone will be sure to say they are offended. Can't wait to see some of your clever ideas.

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I know about beautiful trailers - my niece lived in one ...it was luxury compared to my house !

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My wife and I are what is referred to as trailer trash but we don't mind the good natured fun poking. Our motto is "set your sights low and you'll always be a success"...lol. We were just discussing our lifestyle tonight and we are very happy with it. Not to diminish our neighbors but we are the Jones's in our park. Not bad for a couple of old disabled folks with a garden we are proud of.

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