Is it too late to fertilize this summer?

revheckJune 19, 2011

I missed Memorial day feeding. We are putting our house on the market, and I want the lawn to look green.

Can I still put down fertilizer to help it green up, or will it just burn up in the heat of the summer?

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not to late -- I missed the late spring seeding phase. But you can still fertilize 2 maybe 3 more times with 34-0-0 or 39-0-0 before the summers out.

This is my lawn with just 34-0-0 and no early spring seeding:

Also, check out Texas Weed's Bermuda Bible -- it's the only thing to go by.

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With all due respect daveatl, the OP is in New Jersey, so I don't think the Bermuda Bible is going to help him. It is three weeks post memorial day, and the weather is getting less favorable for fertilizing a cool season lawn. You don't want to force too much top growth with July right around the corner, and hot humid weather waiting in the wings. The most I would do is a half rate application with fertilizer that isn't all quick release nitrogen. If you want a green lawn another option is put down some milorganite, and spray your lawn with a foliar iron spray like Bonide, or Dr. Liquid Iron. The milorganite will provide a slow, gentle delivery of nitrogen, and the iron will give you a darker lawn in a few days. If you have an open house, spraying about a week in advance would be a good idea. Foliar iron wears off fairly quickly though, so you will notice it fading in about a month.

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Excellent point, however my application of 34-0-0 has an iron component within it and is slow releasing, therefore, your 'quick release' nitrogen point is moot.

My lawn gotten this green in 4 days and has been this way for the better part of 6 weeks -- with another application due this Friday.

However, I did make a huge mistake to assume that you, Revchek have Bermuda, hopefully Texas Weed chimes in on this post -- he has far more knowledge on this subject than both of us.

P.S. Indicate what type of grass you do have.

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What type of grass do you have daveatl? Also, my point of not using a nitrogen source that is all quick release isn't a moot point. 34-0-0 fertilizer is usually ammonium nitrate which is quick release. What does it say on your bag of fertilizer as its source of nitrogen? If it's uncoated ammonium nitrate, then it's quick release. Also a lot of fertilizer's have iron, Milorganite has it too, but that iron will take a while to get to the grass, and if your pH is too high it might not make it at all. Foliar iron supplies it directly to the grass which makes it immediately available.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

If you are concerned about burning the grass, use organic fertilizer. Apply at 10-20 pounds per 1,000 square feet now and again in 3 weeks. It should be nice and green at the 3 week point and the extra dose will easily carry it through the summer.

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