New sod HELP

Kristi_dawnpJune 6, 2013

About two maybe three weeks ago my parents layed sod (from Lowes home improvement store) well we have been watering it alot then slowed down on that thinking it was the cause of the yellow spots but they keep appearing. We do have dogs and aren't sure if this is from
The urine or not, but not everyone's lawn results in yellow spots fr
Dogs so we are not sure what to do as it was expensive enough it shouldn't be looking dead! Any help at all is appreciated, attached are some pictures. Thanks in advance!

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I have a dog and he has done the same thing in my back yard. I would guess that's it.

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Definitely looks like dog urine damage. I think it helps if you hose off the spots right after the dog goes, it helps dilute it so that it doesn't harm the grass as much. That probably takes alot of diligence on your part to pull out the hose everytime, but with dogs on new sod I don't think any solution will be easy. Good luck!

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