Tecumseh engine question

tooltime79(Midwest US)June 21, 2008

Hey guys, I have a 2004 model Lawn Boy #10364 mower with the Tecumseh 6.5 HP engine. It has the carb on the side with the oval shaped air cleaner. It always starts on the first pull so that's not a problem at all. This is the 5th season I've owned it and I've always used fuel stabilizer and ran it out of gas before storing it for the winter. Change the oil in the spring and fresh gas.

This season I've noticed after I shut it down and empty the bag the first time and restart it, it seems to pop-pop-pop a little when it's not under load. Like I said, it runs great at first and then after that first restart. Is the carb loading up with fuel and fouling the plug a little you think?

It is the original plug still-I did replace the air cleaner this spring.

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Is that a 10684? Use the fuel stabilizer all the time - put it in your gas can when you get gas. I think one of the valves is sticking a little. I would use a gas and oil additive such as Seafoam or Marvel Mystery Oil. Certainly won't hurt anything and will free the valve stems and generally clean the engine and fuel system. Also, how long has the air filter been on it?

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tooltime79(Midwest US)

Hey Saxman, thanks for the response. Actually I was wrong on the model#-it's a 10367. The air filter was new this spring and I'm going to try a little fuel system additive today-good idea. I'll let you know. Next step will be to pull the spark plug.

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Okay, one of the last offset-wheel models. Actually, although few do it, the plug is supposed to be replaced every year. Doesn't sound like a bad plug to me - more like a sticking exhaust valve, but then again I'm not an expert repairman.

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tooltime79(Midwest US)

Saxman, I put a little engine fuel treatment in the gas and although it sputtered at first a little it ran GREAT today, just like new. Must have been just what it needed. Thanks man-here's the finished product!

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Nice mower and grass! My grass looked like that six weeks ago, but after a few days of 100+ the other week its pretty much scorched.

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tooltime79(Midwest US)

Ya, our heat is coming so I hear ya. We have to enjoy our few weeks of summer in Minnesota!

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have a 2002 engine like yours , had similar problem and just changed out the solid state ignition ($32.69) at sears parts dept. PROBLEM SOLVED !

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What did the groundskeeper of that golf course say while you were snapping mower porn on the greens..LOL!!

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