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luvidaho_2010(5/6)September 6, 2011

I have been lurking in this forum for about a year, checking out all the amazing things people make with someone else's "junk". I have used several of the ideas I have seen here. I thought it was time to join in on the fun. I have made a few of the birdbaths, gave a couple to friends.

I found the frogs at a junk store, paid $2.00 for the box full. I was especially taken with the 2 with copper wire for legs. They will all find a spot in the garden. I thought I would spray paint the wicker one.

A trip to the dump netted the wash tub, it was sitting by the metal pile. It didn't take me too long to convince DH to help me load it. The only thing wrong with it is the broken spout and a wasp nest. I took care of the bees, DH thinks he can fix the spout with some JB weld. Thanks for the all the great ideas!

Sorry the pictures are so big, I don't know how to make them smaller.

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I absolutely love the birdbath? What did you use to bond the concrete blocks together. More info please.

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Welcome out of Lurkdom! That birdbath is really wonderful,
and some nice finds to 'play' with too. The pair of frogs lounging on the lily pads are so darn cute.

Hope to see a lot more from you.
hugs, Karen

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I love those blue birds in the beautiful birdbath, looks like it cost a bundle. The blocks? you built it up with give it a timeless look, maybe 100 yrs old, maybe new ??? Love that! The birds add whimsey & it looks like it will last forever! Is the top removable or grouted down? Lily pad frogs made me smile, so cute but do fix their feet & broken places with some kind of grout or whatever as they will not last well outside unless repaired & sealed. Nice stuff to play with! Welcome to the forum!! Jan

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Yep!........glad you quit lurking and decided to join us! Welcome aboard cause you will just keep seeing neat ideas pop up here. And looks like you are gonna supply us with lots to oooh and ahhh over too! I absolutely LOVE the creative. The bluebirds and the blue tiles really sets it off. I too would be interseted in knowing what type of glue you used to bond them together. The lazy lily pad frogs are so cute. Bet that watering can will be overflowing with water soon.....please post pics so we can see it in action.
Again, WELCOME and hope to see more of your work.

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Marlene Kindred

Welcome! Welcome! So glad you decided to join in! LOVE your birdbath and is that a hyacinth bean vine behind it...beautiful! Your frogs are great too and your wash tub is awesome! Don't you love it when you happen upon something so cool at the dump?

Thanks for sharing your great finds and projects with us. Look forward to seeing even more!

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Hi and welcome. Love your projects! Great finds.

You can definitely fix the watering can spout with JB weld. We've done it, works great with little mess.

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Thank you so much for the kind words. I have been looking at all of the great ideas here with much envy, you all are very creative! It is very inspiring to see pictures of everyone's gardens.

I saw the birdbaths in a post here a couple months ago. I used Liquid Nails to glue the blocks together. The base is a 16X16 inch concrete block. Make sure to allow at least 24 hours to let the glue dry well. I also glued them in sections-one block to the base, the next 3 together, the tiles to the blocks and let them lay flat for 24 hours. Then the tile blocks glued to a block on top and bottom, a block to the bottom of the bowl. Then glued the sections together adding the bowl section 24 hours after the rest is put together. They are very heavy. My concern is how they will do if I leave them outside for an Idaho winter. I have decided that I will move them to a shed just in case.

I love the look of the tumbled blocks too, Jan. They were not the easiest blocks to work with. They are uneven, some of the sides slope making it hard to get them straight, especially the ones with the tile on them. I didn't glue the bird in, I want to be able to bring them into the house when it gets cold. The bowl is glued down, I was afraid it would get knocked off and broke. I will do something about those broken toes on the frogs!
This is one of the reasons I glued the bowl down, she if VERY clumsy!

Marlene, I was shocked to find the washtub. How someone could throw out something so COOL is beyond me. It couldn't have been there long or some other lucky person would have gotten it first. Yes, that is a hyacinth bean vine-also scarlet runner beans on the back side of the raised bed. BTW, the raised beds were made out of all re-purposed wood, some from when we replaced the floor in our horse trailer.

This is the first one I made, the blocks are 6X6 inch concrete pavers. They are very uniform and glue easily. I thought the bowl was too small so I have been looking for larger ones. This one is also a bit taller.

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Love all your things including the doggy! I agree the birdbath has a aged look to it. Your frog finds are awesome. I really like the copper ones. I sure hope your DH can fix the watering can. I couldn't believe the prices they want for some of those old galvanized ones at antique shops. Yowza! The tub was an awesome find. It's nice having a husband who is a partner in crime, isn't? lol Mine likes to find things for me too. I'm so glad you came out of lurkdom!

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Welcome to the Forum! Am so happy you posted your pics! Wonderful projects & a cute dog, too! TFS! Jeanne S. ....keep looking, you'll come up with a bigger top for that birdbath in the least expected place! Nice recycling for your gardens!

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My DH got the spout fixed on the watering can, he is very handy at fixing/building things for me. He has been pretty slow getting to the point he is looking at things from my perspective, but is doing great now. The funny part is, the guys he works with are always finding stuff for me. They either tell him about it or they put it in his pickup for him to bring home. I make sure I send homemade cinnamon rolls, still warm from the oven with him to work several times a year.

I love the dog too, but she is not very graceful or lady like. She takes after me, loves to dig in the dirt!

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