carb problem

captionJune 20, 2014

Hi, I have ATLAS tiller with b&s motor #135202 0237-01

  1. Not sure which # is b&s model #

I squirt starter fluid in carb, motor runs till fluid is used up, then stops.
Do I need to soak carb?
Or is there an easier solution?

Thanks for looking , tinki.

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Go to the Briggs website and download the IPL for your specific engine.
You DID specify the engine correctly BTW-
Model & Type plus the Code.
Code is manf. date which is Feb 18, 1995.

Replace the diaphragm, part #394 on the IPL.
Should be about $3-4 at your local OPE dealer.

While you have it off, squirt some carb cleaner through the 2 holes under the diaphragm.
One goes to the fuel pick up tube and the other is a venturi in the carb.
make sure both are clear.
It MIGHT be easier to remove the muffler to get a straight shot at the screws.

And quit using the starting fluid!It's too easy to break things!!
IF you need to "prime", use a couple teaspoons worth of gasoline.

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Thanks bill, I will take your advice," no more starter fluid"

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Why not just use the Carb. Cleaner for priming? Easy to use squirt can with Red nozzle makes it even easier than using starting fluid. Probably 5 times less likely to flood the engine out vs dumping raw gas down the venturi. Carb. cleaner also evaporates quicker than gas not likely to spill it all over the engine trying to hit the hole with the teaspoon. Plus you get cleaning benefit using the carb. cleaner. Why? Why not.

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Thanks rcmoser, I will try that as well.

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