grubs now?

hutchanne(z6/S.Indiana)June 12, 2013

My lawn is tall turf fescue/KBG/rye. It was very healthy and looked great until 2 weeks ago. Now some areas are turning yellow and dying. Can grubs be around now? Or sod webworm. I see no evidence of it. I have irrigation, and have not over watered. Some shady areas are turning too. Any advice? Zone 6.Indiana Thanks

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Grubs are not feeding now (they are late summer), any you see are already "full" and getting ready to come out and play.

Can't help you on the other question.

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Thanks. But what about the dying grass? Could it be a fungus? It is just in a isolated area. I don't see any signs, like webs..Is there any type of insects besides grubs, that can cause this dying out.

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