Getting rid of Crabgrass in Bermuda

kkirkJune 30, 2007

I got issues with crabgrass(atleast thats what I think it is) coming up in my bermuda. The sod was placed down in late march and is doing fairly well except for the weeds. I put some broadleaf control fertilizer(weed n feed) down about 2 months ago and that killed all the broadleaf weeds. I read last night on here that baking soda sprinkled lightly on wet crabgrass helps kill it, some I put some out this afternoon. I managed to empty the whole box(16oz) on a section of the lawn that contained a good bit of crabgrass. So I'll see how the crabgrass and bermuda responds to that before continuing with that treatment. Now if it doesn't seem to help I guess I'll have to wait til late winter to put out some pre-emgergant out. What lesco product should I get? Lesco's website doesn't make it too easy to find the best product for particular tasks.

Also for regular summer feedings what product will give the best outcome. I just fertilized earlier in the day with 34-0-0. Is that adequate or should I get something that has some other ingredients besides just nitrogen?

I'll try to post some pictures of the crabgrass later to make sure that's what it is.


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Well you may not like my answer, but if you went to the trouble of putting baking soda on the CG, you waisted your time and money IMO. You were already there and should have just pulled it up and been done with it already

For Lesco right now product 000777 is as good as it gets for now until fall when it is time for pre-emrgence.

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Thanks texas-weed, I'll have to locate the lesco store in town and get some of that 000777.

What would be a good pre-emergent to use? Plus when exactly would you put it down. I'm just east of atlanta.

As for the baking soda, if it works, great, if not, I'm not too heartbroken. :) As far as pulling it up, I don't think I'd have the patience to try and pull each weed, plus I try to keep the grass around 1 1/2" so there isn't alot to grab ahold of.

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What would be a good pre-emergent to use? Plus when exactly would you put it down. I'm just east of Atlanta

East of Atlanta, I have relatives in Tallapoosa and Villa Rica I visit every year. We usually head out from there and go to Myrtle Beach in the spring..

Anyway the best pre-emergence I know of is a product by Green Light called AMAZE. It is a combo of Surflan and Balan. It last 5 to 8 months and stops about all winter, spring and summer annuals. However it is very hard to find unless mail ordered but carried by ACE hardware stores. Another product that is very good is Dimension. Dimension is available from a lot of companies including Lesco.

As far as when depends on weather. According to one forum member from Atlanta it may be too late as around the 5th of July you should receive your first hard freeze and turn all the Bermuda brown and dormant. :>) If you live in the Atlanta I know around late September or early October just after the hot weather breaks when rain and cooler temps arrive. Then repeat around late February or early MarchÂ

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so amaze is carried by Ace?

also about aerating, how often should this be done, and if my sod was put down in march, when would be the first time i should do it. I'm thinking next spring right after the last snow melts :), but thats just a guess.

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Bayer 'Lawn Weed and Crabgrass Killer' does a decent job of getting rid of crabgrass (among other weeds) It does state on the bottle that it 'may cause temporary yellowing or discoloring' with bermuda, but that a 'full recovery could be expected'. I sprayed some on my zoysia last week and its done a pretty good job getting the crabgrass. For heavy infestations they say a repeat spraying a few weeks later may be necessary. You can find it at Lowe's, or Home Depot.

34-0-0 isn't too bad and will definitely kick your bermuda into high gear, but you probably could stand to have some K, as well. Do you know your soil PH? If not, get a soil test done through UGA and your local county extension office. They'll give you the breakdown of what you're deficiencies are for P, and K. It'll help you make your fertilizer choices a lot easier. Chances are though that your soil is fairly high in P already and low in K.

That being said, Shemin Nurseries in and around Atlanta sell ProScape fertilizers from Lebanon Corp. Their MESA technology for slow release nitrogen works very well. I use their 25-2-5 MESA blend and have been extremely satisfied with the results. You could also get ProScape fertilizers with some Dimension in it. That'll do a decent job of keeping new weeds from popping up.

Good luck!

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Yes Amaze is carried by ACE, but it is seasonal. Can't speak for Atlanta area though. Like I said Demension is ver good also.

I would be very carefull using post-emergence this time of year with summer heat in full swing. Many of the active ingredients will even burn your bermuda, zoysia, or what ever.

Aeration is a good practice, but not always needed. Several ways to go about it. Plug aerators and vertical mowers work best. Next spring would be the time just after green-up. Now if you plan on overseeding this fall, you need to start vertical mowing in August a few times before deeding. But I do not suggest overseeding Bermuda for DIY homeowners.

I assume you had a starter fertilizer applied when the sod was laid. If so you do not need a balanced fertilizer until next spring. Just use a slow release urea like Lesco 000777. A soil test is a good idea, it might show other nutrients missing like iron. If so Lesco has slow release urea with iron, Mg, or just about anything your area is noted for.

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