Can anyone please Identify this Weed for me?

BehroozArazJune 17, 2011

Hoping someone can identify this weed or wild grass for me so i can figure out how to kill it. This stuff is nasty, it spreads like wild fire and grows almost an inch per day. Its roots are deep and BIG. Of course pulling these would be ideal but there's hundreds of them in my lawn and you need a shovel to get them out. I'm gonna put a link to a picture i took of the weed. This is one day after mowing the lawn. It starts as a couple of tall little grass-like blades, then explodes into 30-40 blades and grows very tall. The middle is almost like a straw texture. And the fully grown ones in the non sodded part of my yard are nearly 5 foot tall and all brown like straw.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Here is your picture.
You certainly have a bunch of them. Without going to the
trouble of identifying it, I would buy a Weed Hound tool
and pluck them out. -see more thoughts below the picture.

You also have a disease on your grass. You might have two diseases.
One is gray leaf spot. The other might be take-all patch,
or take all root rot. If the dead blades show signs of spots,
then you might not have the take-all disease.
In addition I'm guessing you have not
kept up with fertilizer this year and possibly water.

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I've fertilized regularly this whole year. This spot looks kinda grim because this weed takes all of the nutrients and water away from my bermuda. We're in a drought right now so i water whenever i'm allowed. Weed hound tool would be good if there were only a couple. But there are hundreds, i'm looking to do a liquid type weed treatment. But i need to know what it is.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Have you seen the weed growing out in the wild?
It would be better to have a picture of it taller
and with seed heads.

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Mowed Nutsedge maybe?

You need to sharpen your mower blade too....just sayin'

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