Garden junk at the first fall fair

toomuchglass(5)October 23, 2011

I was happy to find a craft fair at a local college by my house -- so I went . What a disappointment. There were a couple "garden booths" on the program list ... so I rushed to see them .One was just "artifically rusted " stuff

with silk flowers ... (looked more like indoor decor ) and one was just cut out wood with garden sayings. There was one lady that glued a clear glass candle holder between 2 plates - to look like a 2 tiered dessert holder . It was done really well - the glue was crystal clear . I didn't have the nerve to ask her what kind of glue she used ! LOL

Each one was priced $20 - $25 . I didn't see many empty spots ~~~

I can honestly say that about 50% of the booths -- was beaded jewelry.I'm so sick of it.

Well -- that's the weekend report . I wish I could have posted some good NEW ideas ~

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Thanks for the effort, but from my experience the new ideas show up here FIRST, then with in 6 mos show up at fairs and even retail!!

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DH & I went to a well-known 1X a yr craft show yesterday,'s in a school & all on one floor ...done well & has a good reputation. Yes, there was LOTS of jewelry...very popular item! (lots of gift buying & original charm bracelets being made, etc...lots of Christmas gifts were purchased, I think)

There were 4 diff woodworkers which always is a treat! Some w/old wood, some with fine to look! But the best (in my book, anyway) was a lady who does 'barbed wire' art! She's been around at diff craft shows for probably about 10 yrs in this area. Anyway, she added GLASS to her barbed wire art! & I tell you it was awesome! Like for a wire star, she added one of those clear crystal star shaped candleholders in the center & some addition curly cues ...AWESOME!

I have bought from her in the past ... just the original barbed wire star if I catch her at the next show I am going to make another purchase! Some are big items...some small...some dragonflies ...some flowers...some dishes were added as centers...lots of creativity!

So there still are some good ones, 2much...& there are lots of jewelry lovers (I love to look). And there always is the BEST homemade pie! LOL! Jeanne S.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

That sounds wonderful Jeanne.
I'd love to see her work. I can't imagine handling barbed wire for crafts. I seem to hurt myself when ever it is possible.

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