A Bear Halloween!

kirkus(5a)October 18, 2010

Happy Halloween Everyone! Thought I would share some of my Halloween decorations! Here's Bart as a witch! If you haven't seen Bart before, he was a gift from a fourth grade student and his family. They moved to California and couldn't take the bear with them. This year, I added my 50 cent garage sale broom. Looks like Bart is ready to fly away! He greets people at the entrance to our road. :o) I place a battery votive in his Jack-o-lantern. Looks nice at night.

The same student gave me this bear. I place a battery votive in his lantern as he greets people at our porch.

Our Welcome Bear given to me by a student and her family. A student's Mom made the Halloween decorations. :o)

I bought these Jack-o-lanterns at our little country store. They look neat all lit up at night on our covered front porch. I made the rustic table. My wife Carol bought me the bear for our anniversary a few years back. I found the old coffee can along the side of the road. Added dried lavender from our garden.

ENJOY! Have a BEARY Happy Halloween! Bear Hugs! Kirk

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Nice but not spooky! Love Bart as a witch. lol! I bet all those geese that people dress up for the holidays are quite envious. I love all your Halloween decorations. I wanna come trick or treatin' at your house!

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Oh, that last photo looks so inviting, Kirk! First of all, the anniversary bear is just AWESOME...I remember him! And the baskets of pine cones (one of my favs, of course), the old shoes planted & that very cool rustic table you made...just looks downright comforting for a cup of that hot cider. Both the chairs are wonderful ...& even a lantern light. And then to add that cool old rusted coffee can with the lavendar...ummm, can smell it from here! The "jacks" from your country store add the color for the season...and make ya' smile!

I love Bart, too...what a welcoming! He is one doggone CUTE witch & the bargain $$$ broom adds alot! TFS your bears! Jeanne S.

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I love the last pic the best. I have a rocker too, love sitting and enjoying the great outdoors, day or night. Great bear stories, you must be a very special person. I think I know that just from your posts. Happy Halloween!

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I love all your bears even Bart in his witch costume.No cackle there but maybe a roar or he can swat someone with his broom!! Just hope he doesn't 'fly off somewhere" nice broom & I like the glow from the light! The pumpkins from your country store are such a happy bunch!! Love it all!! What are the kids going to be this year? Jan

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Very NICE! I want to come and sit a spell!

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Bear-y cute!

A great display to carry a theme throughout.

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Old Bart tells me he has had a long hot summer and by the time he greets all the Halloween Trick or Treaters and Christmas Cheer rolls around, then bidding everyone a Happy New Year, he will be ready for a long winter's nap. A hypertufa cave between the tree and the post would fit the bill if he decided to hibernate for a few months. Wouldn't want him to just fade away. HAPPY HALLOWEEN Booooooooo


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Oh, how cute! I love carved bears and your decorations are awesome!

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