JD 318 Runs only a short while

EdgyJune 2, 2014

I have a 318 that runs for 5-15 minutes and then slows down and dies. I can pull the choke when the problem starts and it will run at slow idle for 15 seconds or so, with virtually no power, but then die. I have heard this is possibly the pick up coil (for lack of a better term).

I have replaced gas, plugs, gas filter, cleaned carb. Points look okay (but older for sure).

I believe the problem is electric, but not sure what.

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You will get more comments if you post this on the Tractor forum. They will want to know the year and model of engine. They will also need more detail like what happens when you try to restart it once it dies and how long you need to wait before it will restart.

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Loosen the gas cap when the problem occurs and see if you get another 5-15 minutes.
You may have a venting issue.
The WRONG fuel filter could also cause this.

How long do you have to wait for it to run "normal" again?

IF it's electrical-
Check the quality of the spark on a cold engine so you have something for comparison.
Check quality again when the problem occurs.
Compare the 2.

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