Bird houses remodled for the winter

susiewantsroses(7b)October 27, 2010

Reburbished bird houses. They are now hung on the porch and both have occupants!!!!

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What self-respecting bird wouldn't want to live in one of those! I love them both!

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Love them, what is that at peak of 2nd 1? Looks like a corner brass bookmark so cute & love the attention to detail! Even better is some birds have a nice warm home for winter! Jan

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chevy57red(3/4 MN)

Very pretty!!

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Marlene Kindred

Those are just adorable Susie! What a fabulous job! Especially love the one on the left. Thanks for sharing with us! Good to "see" you here again...we've been missing you!

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Absoutly fantastic. You are so talented. The birds around your place must love you.

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For very "stylish" birds, I presume,susieroses! Nice make-overS! Love how you deco'ed them up for your occupants (hope mama cat doesn't hang out on your porch, tho!) LOL! And they look lovely on that beautiful mosaiced table (I remember you making that)...classy, lady! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Paulette, I wish I could provide a home for many more birds. It's sad to see the scuffle that goes on when several birds want to move in the same house. They watch me when I go out on the porch with the dogs at night. But they are quiet and there is no singing going on yet. We'll probably find out that 'bird singing' is all about the mama bird yelling at her kids once they are born. LOL

Sunny- That hardware is a brass piece that craftsmen who build decorative boxes use on the corners. I once had a homemade pot rack built of wood and had those same brass corners to decorate each corner piece. Lowes have shelf building ladder shaped pieces that you put two in a pantry and nail boards in between to create storage. Just one of those ladders make an excellent hanging pot rack. You can paint them and decorate them because they come in raw wood. When I converted to a metal pot rack, I reclaimed the brass trims that I had decorated with.

The house on the left was built with some doll house pieces. I bought the house many years ago on Super clearance and I have been scraping it out for such projects ever since.

The table they are sitting on is a mosaiced microwave plate with a glass totem type tower base that doesn't show.

Now lets all hope that those English Sparrows dont come and evict my American birds. They are killers of the American Blue birds and other American bird house dwellers.

Thanks for your kind comments.

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Very pretty birdhouses. You got some lucky birds. I like the mosaic table also.

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they are adorable...but bird like a certain size hole so their babies will be safe. Large holes will let all the predators in.

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We have personally witnessed 8 different hatchings in these very two bird houses. Including baby bird flight school. I just took the houses down and cleaned them up, repainted, remodled, and hung them back on my porch near the ceiling. Two new pairs have already moved in this Fall. We have no cats, or squirrels anywhere close. The only predator we've had was the same sized bird as American birds. I'm guessing these birds are safer up under the safty of my porch than they are anywhere in the wild or any sized man- made bird house hole. They come out and watch us when we set in the porch swing. Rest easy I'm confident that our bird houses are helping the birds multiply.

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lily51(OH 5)

Love these birdhouses, for appearance and for all the young they have sheltered !

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I hope you don't mind, ...I'd like to set that picture as the background on my computer's really pretty colors and adds lots of charm to when I turn the computer up and running'


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