tinfoilhatOctober 3, 2010

Don't you just hate the smirk you get when you ask your kid for computer help. It even comes over the phone.

I'm trying to post multiple picts within message. I hope this turns out right.

Kokopelli's body is rebar.

Car rear axle ring gear with engine timing gear welded inside for head and face.

Mounted on a painted 8" PVC pipe set inside a 16" PVC pipe.

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Maggie M.(z7 Sunset7 CA Sierra Foothills)

That is fantastic!

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I take it he is dancing! Cute idea to have notes on base! He is big, that is feet high not inches LOL Great face & you must be strong to bend all that rebar no matter what kind of tools you have & heating it too I imagine! TFS Jan

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I'm sorry, I should have thought about those of you not blessed enough to live in 105 degree heat for months and cursed to suffer thru 4 different seasons with real shade trees.
Kokopelli (pronounced "Coke-a-pellie") comes from the 4 corners area of the SW. He is part of the lore and legend of the Hopi, Zuni, Anasazi, and other tribes. He is seen in petroglyphs dating back over a thousand years. He is usually depicted as a dancing hunchback flute player. He is known as a fertility god, prankster, healer and story teller.
Legend has it that he brought rain for the crops and he traveled from village to village playing his flute. People in the village would sing and dance throughout the night. The next morning, every maiden in the village would be with child.
I was kinda hoping for the same results with my Kio when I put him out there but no luck so far. The kid at the pet shop said to give Kokopelli some more time but if that didn't work he suggested pouring in a couple bottles of Sangria wine, soft music, and candles. Anybody else out there have a Kio pond? Will that work? What kind of music? Sinatra? Moody Blues? Should the candles be scented? Are these questions for a different forum?

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Once upon a time I lived where there were big, tall trees.
And four distinct seasons.
That was many moons ago.
Here, deep in Texas, we have two seasons, hot, and hotter.

Kokopelli has long been a favorite of mine.
And I love your depiction of him!
You almost modernized him with rhe round, almost smiling face.
And the bright orange base with music notes.
Very different and original, for sure.
Also very clever and attractive.

But I have to ask, by "Kio", did you mean "Koi fish"?
I know nothing about them.
Wish I did.
Thanks for sharing your creations!


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loribee2(CA 9)

So simple, but he's got such personality! I love it. To me, it looks like he's stomping his feet to the music, waiting for his moment to chime in.

As for the Kio (Koi?) I must ask the obvious: You do have TWO of them, don't you?

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"Kio/Koi" I am soooo embarrassed and my mind is racing looking for an excuse, explanation, justification, or cop out. Fortunately I think I have found a few.
#1. I try not to wear my tinfoil hat while on the computer it slows computer down. Last night I didn't wear it and the voices in my head were deafening probably leading to "Kio".
#2. The microwave made me do it?
#3. I am a product of the public skool system?

Yes I have two Koi, a few more even. I don't know thier sexes or gender affiliations, we adhere to the "I am too embarrassed to ask policy" around the pond.

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I love it! I like Kokopelli figures too. You did a great job of recreating him. I so envy you folks how can weld!

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What a GREAT! demonstration that: "LESS IS MORE"

I really like this piece a lot.


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Creativity and inspiration is what happens when one looks at an object, goes beyond it's original "form follows function" purposes and brings out a completely different spirit that's hidden.

There has been extremely clever work done on this project. Typically the gear mechanically has three identical holes. But the creator saw two eyes and a mouth. By enlarging the center hole a little, he/she brought out the smile that is already there. And the key slot is appropriately used symbolically as the nose.

The wormgear pattern also symbolically express the happy sunburst.

With the minimum use of rebars, the item just starts to come alive and communicates to the observer emotionally.

Thumbs up!


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I think you've done Kokopelli a great justice! He is one-of-a-kind & I would love to have him by my little pond (some Koi in it, too + goldfish). I love the "negative" spaces you've created with the rebar for his body & shoulder. Great work! Don't know about your microwave...think I'd maybe stay away from that for awhile! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

I missed this post earlier, but your Kokopelli is truly wonderful! Thanks too, for the information about him...I had never heard the story. And, I have koi in my pond and unfortunately even though they do like music and being talked to, having their bellies rubbed, etc. unless there is a jaunty fellow in the crowd there won't be any little koi swimming around. It is hard to tell the difference between them, but I have found that the males are more torpedo shaped and the females are much rounder with larger faces and heads. The females are usually the slower paced ones that are less shy and come to the surface first to eat. The males tend to be quick and much more jerky in their movement. Hope that helps a little.

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this is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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emtnest(z8/Northern CA)

Fabulous... just love it!!!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Love him! So expressive.

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Another awesome work of art ! Thanks for explaining what
Kokopelli really is. His Pose kinda reminds me my high school years in the 60's . Yep - I was a produk of Publik Skool ,too !!!

**Tinfoilhat - you crack me up !!

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beck_wi(z5 WI)

Can I borrow your hat because I thought you were trying to use the Kokopelli for your own fertility issues.
When my husband and I were trying (and failing) at getting pregnant, my mom kept bringing me kokopelli's, and I had no idea what they were and was trying to figure out why she kept giving me these silly little statues.

I think its hilarious he's also called a prankster--we gave up after 7 years, I broke one of the statues, and ended up getting pregnant unexpectedly at the 9 year mark-- I'd be careful with a statue that big in your yard, you might end up with triplets. lol

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