JohnDeere Z425 Starting Problems

lauberge49June 9, 2014

I have a John Deere Z425 48" zero turn mower that has been running great. After mowing the other day, I stopped it on the driveway, and when I went to restart it, it just "whirs", not even a cranking sound, just a high-pitched whir. I cleaned the battery terminals and tried again to no avail. Any suggestions?

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Sounds like a starter drive problem. You can remove the shroud easily to have a look.

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Probably beyond my pay grade!

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I would have the battery load tested. IT probably died on he spot. Load test will let you know that the battery good, bad, or will charge back up. Now you will have some information you can work with.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I had it picked up, and it was the starter. I had already tested the battery and it was fine. I will just have to shell out for the repairs!

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