Sharpening a New Mulching Blade

troyhoughJune 10, 2014

Hi all,

I purchased a new mulching lawn mower. I noticed that the blade is only sharpened at the end of the blade instead of going a little farther towards the center of the blade.

My questions are:

1. Why don't they sharpen it more towards the center of the middle like where the knotch stops (about halfway between the end and the center?

2. Wouldn't this make the mower work less if more of the blade was cutting grass?

3. Would it hurt anything if I sharpened it more towards the center?

Thanks in advance

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If you ever sharpen a blade that has an edge far inward, you notice that as you travel in from the outer tip -that the edge does less work. The inner edge just needs the grass basically cleaned off of it and it is as new. They say that the majority of the grass is centrifugally blown outward.

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ok so that kind of makes sense. so shall i just forget about sharpening more inwards on the blade?

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I am quite certain that i do it wrong and even more certain my way works.

I spend an entire 2-3 minutes before each mowing touching up the blade with a Dremel. Not with their mower sharpening attachment, i just use their orange stone or i have some diamond tipped sharpening stones for the dremel. I keep the entire edge knife sharp and notice a huge difference when I am in a hurry and don't bother.

How much will it help? who knows. Can it hurt anything? don't see how. if you sharpen it once and it stays razor sharp then it did not matter much, if you start sharp and it dulls then it made a difference but I love a razor sharp edge.... One of these days I will but a high end mower but my neighbor has a top of the line $800 mower and I have a piece of crap and I get a better cut - makes him nuts

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