Grass has dead patches, turning slightly yellow

GrowSomeGrassJune 10, 2013

Hi guys - I was wondering if someone can please help me with my lawn. Its a new lawn. The sod was planted last summer (I think it's Kentucky Blue). It seemed to do ok, not great, but ok. I had very little crabgrass. The heat did take it's toll, but overall, it held up ok.

I put down some Winterguard in the fall. Over the winter, the grass maintained it's green. In the spring, it started blossoming. It looked amazing. I was so happy it was finally coming along.

But now, I'm starting to get these dead patches around the lawn, and it looks a little yellow underneath the green. I have no idea whats going on. Do you guys have any ideas? Please help and TIA.

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Here's another pic, thanks.

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Here's another pic. In this one you can see the thick lawn on the left, and on the right it being very thin and starting to yellow. Any ideas?

PS. Its been raining all week so that's why it's long. Last time the lawn was cut was 5/27.

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Guys, anyone?

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

What is your watering regimen (frequency and duration)?
Do you mulch mow? How often and what height?
Have you fertilized this year and what did you use?
Is there any shade hitting the lawn?

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Watering = trying to stick to once a week with deep watering. But it's been raining a lot over the last few weeks up here in MA so not that much irrigation. But sometimes I water twice a week when it gets hot as the lawn is relatively new. I dont think its a water issue.

Mulch mow = yes. So I did cut it more than 50% twice in a row (with 3 weeks gap in between each time). I just havent had the time and its been raining a lot so I couldnt mow. So it's possible the clippings are causing heat/lack of sun damage. But this dead grass underneath started a while back already, so its possible the mulching isnt helping, but I dont think its the root cause.

Fertilizer = yes, once this year in April. Scotts with crabgrass preventer.

Shade = in the mornings from home, but from around midday it gets full sun until 7-8pm. Sun isnt an issue here. If anything, the lawn gets hit by heat in the height of summer, being exposed for so long. Not sure what species this grass is (I think Kentucky Blue), but it doesnt do well in heat. But again, sun isnt an issue here.

Other = I did put down compost in April. The grass was pretty covered, but emerged as a rich green. It looked fantastic. I'm not sure if it may be doing something to the lawn now though, a few months later?

Any other thoughts? I really would like to fix this. I'm worried about all my hard work going down the toilet. Every day I see more of these spots. Thanks.

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Oh and something else. The landscaper said I had grubs last year. I have some Grubex, but havent applied it yet. Probably will in July when I see the beetles. Do you think it could be grubs or clippings?

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