Need help with a problem weed

AmishGrassJune 5, 2014

I am having a big problem a particular weed in my lawn. Need help to identify it and help on how to treat it. I have tried pre-emergence as well as Ortho Weed B Gon and Scotts Weed and Feed. Seems this weed laughs at those and keeps on going.

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Looks like Crab Grass

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I thought crab grass had a broader leaf? When I pull it out (easy to pull) sometimes it seems to come up like a vine. I have used crab grass killer on it and it did nothing.

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Bermudagrass. Search this forum there is lots of info.

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Yep. I have been researching this today and that (Bermuda grass) was my conclusion as well. Thanks for the conformation. I'll search the forums on it. Currently thinking about using Ornamec.

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Eradicating bermudagrass is a difficult and often ugly process. The best method, and also the ugliest, is spraying Roundup once every three weeks from the beginning of June thru the end of August. Then sod or seed the area.If your bermudagrass area is a small one then sometimes this can be tolerated. The next Roundup method would be to spray the bermuda in August three times, once every 10 days. This method also gets pretty ugly but if you resod the area it is over in a little over a month. Then you have the more expensive options like a Pylex, Turflon and Acclaim combo, or the Ornamec route that you mentioned. Pylex looks pretty promising but I could not recommend it yet.Turflon and Acclaim are very effective but you will see some injury/death to any kentucky bluegrass. I would not use the Ornamec it's a great product around ornamentals, but I would not use it on your lawn thinking that Ornamec is going to selectively take bermuda out of kbg/fescue lawn. Hope this helps.

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